Vani Cosmetics

New to StudioF/X! -2021

Vani Cosmetics is Vegan, Cruelty-free, highly pigmented, and CANADIAN!

Vani Cosmetics pressed glitters are made with a built-in primer, there's no need to use any messy glitter glue!

Designed for easy, long-wear application, they stay in place all day without any creasing or fallout.

A must-have for all glitter lovers!  



Celestial - Pressed Glitter

Celestial is an iridescent sky blue with a gold-green sheen

Cosmic - Pressed Glitter

Cosmic is a holographic lilac

Dark Matter - Pressed Glitter

Dark Matter is a holographic gunmetal

Eclipse - Pressed Glitter

Eclipse is a holographic gold

Golden Hour - Pressed Glitter

Golden Hour is a coral rose pink color shifting glitter that shifts iridescent green

Illusion - Pressed Glitter

Illusion is a holographic green gold

InterStellar - Pressed Glitter

Interstellar is an intense hot pink

Light Year - Pressed Glitter

Light Year is a holographic yellow gold

Mercury - Pressed Glitter

Mercury is a holographic yellow gold

Meteor - Pressed Glitter

Meteor is a foiled brown

Moonlight - Pressed Glitter

Moonlight is a holographic silver

Mythical - Pressed Glitter

Mythical is a holographic parrot green

Nebula - Pressed Glitter

Nebula is a holographic soft baby pink

Outer Space - Pressed Glitter

Outer Space is a holographic black

Renegade - Pressed Glitter

Renegade is a bright royal blue

SkyFall - Pressed Glitter

Skyfall is a holographic sky blue

Sunset - Pressed Glitter

Sunset is a holographic peach pink

Super Nova - Pressed Glitter

Supernova is a foiled rose gold pressed glitter

Venus - Pressed Glitter

Venus is a holographic coral

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