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Round Brushes

$11.00 to $24.00
Use these custom brushes to expertly line eyes, etch brows or apply fine details with Liquid or MagiCake Paints.  Taklon offers easy clean-up and long-life.  Available in Extra Fine Point,  Fine Point and Small Point brush sizes.

Fine Detail Brushes

$14.00 to $20.50
Ben Nye Fine Detail brushes are used for precise application of products to complete any eye makeup design.

Studio 706 Fine Point Eyeliner

Creates ultra-fine detail and lining. The smooth, synthetic fibers of this brush give you the precision you need for lining the eyes or other fine detail work.

Studio 710 Eye Liner

Extra-fine narrow pointed brush to line the eyes. Use with wet liner.

Studio 708 Bent Eyeliner

Don't let your hands & fingers get in the way of achieving precise application. The Bent Eyeliner lines your eyelashes flawlessly. The slanted ferrule and pointed tip allows for a smooth clear cut line application.

Studio 714 Flat Eye Definer

Firm, flat shaped brush used to line and define eyes with color.

Angle Brushes

$14.00 to $17.00
Precise angled application for eye shadow, eye liner, brow coloring and lipstick.

Studio 762 Small Angle

The tapered point angles perfectly to work along the lash lines and creates a natural-looking curve.

Pink Bambu 762 Small Angled

The tapered point angles perfectly to work along the lash lines and creates a natural-looking curve. Use this brush to apply powder, liquid, or any cream products with total control.

Studio 716 Smoky Eyeliner

Achieve the smoky eye look in one stroke by creating a thick line around the eyes.

Studio 760 Liner/Brow

Ideal for precise work on the eye & brow. Blur lines drawn by eyebrow or eyeliner pencils to create a flawless blend.

Studio 780 Pencil

Pencil-shaped tip allows for precise shading on the eyelid, eye crease and lash line.

Easy Line Brush

FROM KRYOLAN- THE ILLUSION BRUSH SERIES . A round brush made of Sable, a shorter lining brush for intricate line work and details. Its tightly packed hair makes it easy to achieve fine detail. For face and body painting it works exceptionally well with Aquacolor, Aquacolor Soft Cream and Aquacolor Liquid. The Illusion range of 13 brushes was designed by leading professionals in the face and body art industry.

SFX 761 Tight Liner

Details matter. That is why we designed the 761 Tight Liner Brush for the most precise applications on even the smallest areas of your eyes. This brush is so small and compact, it is the best tool to define your lash line with gel liner or eye shadow. Small and compact brush for the most precise application around your eyes. Bristles are made from all synthetic and vegan fibers. Brush name (761 Tight Liner) is written on the side of the handle. Ferrules are made from anodized aluminum. Professional, full-sized handle. Length: 6.1 inches (15.5 cm)

SuvaBeauty Liner Brushes

Enhance your makeup application and achieve your desired look with SUVA Beauty’s premium quality Precision Liner Brush. This synthetic hair brush is designed to meet professional standards and is ideal for precise detail liner work. This handcrafted brush is the perfect tool for our Hydra Liner/FX products! Key Features: ・Copper ferrule ・Cruelty free ・Vegan friendly

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