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You want the special effect makeup brands that make your exciting and terrifying makeup concepts a reality. That’s why we carry such an extensive range of special effects makeup products to serve our customers across an entertainment industry with such diverse demands.

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Clown Kit

Professional clowns rely on these same quality components to win exceptional results and loads of smiles. Applications: Minimum 4-6.

Deluxe Clown Kit

An exceptional assortment of quality creme clown makeup. Expert directions by former Ringling Bros. Clown and professional makeup artist, Keith Crary. Applications: Minimum 12-20.

Auguste Clown Kit

Transform into the perfect tramp or charming hobo. A former Ringling Bros. clown designed this authentic Auguste and white face clown characters.  Applications: Minimum 4-6.

Rainbow Color Wheel

The Rainbow Color Wheel provides rich pigmentation and versatile application. Great to use for face painting, clown makeup, or any character makeup.

Primary Stack

The crème colors offer rich pigmentation and versatile application in an improved texture.

MagiCake Aqua Paint Palettes

$42.00 to $76.00
Made for busy artists, especially body and face painters. Six or twelve indispensable shades are available in metal palettes. Includes No. 7 Flat Brush.

MagiCake Aqua Paints

MagiCakes produce exquisite color for fantasy, face and body paint. Mix with water or LiquiSet for added durability. Apply with flat brush for detail or Hydra Sponge for all over color.

Professional Creme Series

The Pro Creme Series is an exceptional value for performers who want quality at an economical price.

Clown White

$10.00 to $36.00
Professionals prefer Clown White's supple texture and bright white finish. Highly pigmented formula covers instantly and blends smoothly for long-wear

Clown White Lite

$23.00 to $28.00
Clown White Lite's creamy, bright white formula is ideal for performers who prefer a lighter texture. Professionals who use our Lite formula say it holds up to wrinkles and remains durable under hot, humid conditions.

Creme Colors

Unmatched for colorful virtuosity, Creme Colors offer rich pigmentation and versatile application in an improved texture.

MagiColor Creme Crayons

MagiColor Crayons are great for quick strokes of lasting color and instant touch-ups.

MagiColor Creme Pencils

Creamy and colorful detail for fantasy, clown makeup, face painting or sports fans. Easy clean-up.

Ben Nye Face Powders

$13.00 to $32.00
Soft and light Powders are naturally matte and durably set creme makeups. Apply to cheeks and eyes before Rouges, Shadows and Lumiere Grande Colours for smooth, even application.

August Clown Nose

The August Clown Nose appliance is a lightweight flesh-colored latex prosthetic, that perfectly accents clowns or other theatrical characters.

Clown Nose

A red colored, lightweight latex prosthetic nose to complete any clown make up.

Red Foam Clown Nose

$2.00 to $3.50
A foam clown nose great to use for completing any clown makeup. One size fits all. Easy to use. Available in 1.5 " or 2" size.

Clown Lashes

$9.50 to $10.00
Clown lashes are large lashes used to create a dramatic character look.

Peacock Eyelashes

These extravagant eyelashes made of real feathers remind of burlesque divas of the 20's and guarantee a spectacular appearance.

Master Creme Palette

Ben Nye's Creme Colors are richly pigmented in a durable, creamy-smooth texture for face and body. With the Master creme Palette it allows the artist to blend and layer easily with Creme Foundations, Contours, Concealers and iridescent Lumiere Cremes. Makes a great addition to any makeup kit.

UV Color Sticks

UV Color Stick is based on grease paint in a lipstick mechanism. These grease paints are specially color intensive and glow already under normal light conditions. UV Color Stick is universally applicable, for example, for baldness effects and masks to achieve special lighting effects under black light. Application is effortless or can be applied with a brush as well. Setting Spray is recommended if the make-up will be subjected to extreme conditions. These used special fluorescent pigments are intended for special effects and are not colors in the sense of the German and European Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council. These products are not intended for cosmetic use, but have been successfully tested in a university hospital for their safety.

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