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Ben Nye Pearl Sheen Palettes

Two distinctly different, yet comprehensive collections in kit-friendly refillable palettes. Recently reformulated, the Pearl Sheen shadows are now more brilliant and lustrous than ever. With new contemporary colors that are sure to become favorites, anything is possible.

Ben Nye Essential Eye Shadow & Rouge Palette

Six each of Ben Nye's most popular Eye Shadows and Powder Rouges in a refillable, magnetic palette. This exquisite assortment is all you'll need for film, runway, bridal and Hi Def application.

Ben Nye Glam Eye Shadow Palette

Twelve best-selling glamor shades in a sleek, fiberboard case with magnetic closure. Inspired by a renowned makeup aficionado, has the best of practical neutrals and alluring jewel tones makes a winning combination.

Ben Nye Essential Eye Shadow Palette

$79.00 $69.00
This "Go-To" palette is filled with indispensable neutral highlight and contour shades to compliment every complexion.

Ben Nye Empty Eye Shadow/ Blush Palettes

$11.00 to $14.00
Empty palettes allows you to create your own eye shadow and blush palettes. The magnetic bottom prevents shadows or blushes from slipping out of the palette.

Ben Nye Theatrical Eye Shadow Palette

$79.00 $69.00
When the job calls for spectacular eye makeup, Ben Nye's Theatrical Eye Shadow Palette provides artistic inspiration.

Ben Nye Eye Shadow Refill

Eye Shadow Refills make it easy to customize your own palette or replenish your existing one. Long-wearing with a matte finish.

Ben Nye Lumiere Colour Refills

Extreme color powder and enticing shimmer. Pressed pigment-rich Grande Colors can be applied dry for a softer finish, or with water for enhanced opacity.

Ben Nye Pressed Eye Shadows

Contour, shape and style the eyes with Ben Nye's distinctive collection of Pressed Eye Shadows. These silky eye shadows assure a velvety smooth application and come in over 40 rich shades.

Ben Nye Lumiere Grande Colour

Extreme color power and enticing shimmer, Pressed pigment-rich Grande Colors apply dry for a softer finish, or with water for enhanced opacity. Seal with Final Seal or LiquiSet for durability.

Ben Nye Pearl Sheen

Lustrous, soft jewel and metallic shades will add a touch of glamour to bridal, beauty or red carpet makeup. Shimmery highlights appear natural and spontaneous.

Ben Nye Shimmer Crayons

High-intensity Shimmer Crayons glide on like liquid metal. Immediately blendable and smudgable, colors magically "set" to a water-proof finish within minutes.

Ben Nye Lumiere Creme Palette

$91.00 to $105.00
Ben Nye Lumiere Creme Palette is available in twelve or eighteen lavish iridescent colors. This offers unlimited design potential for eyes, cheeks or lips. The intense pigmentation and silky texture glides on for brilliant, dazzling color making it an artist's dream come true!

Ben Nye Lumiere Wheel

$39.00 $36.00
Six bold, shimmering shades for sizzling beauty or fantasy accents. Set with Ben Nye Luxe Powders for a fabulous finish.

Ben Nye Fireworks Wheel

$39.00 $36.00
Ben Nye Fireworks Wheel offers beautiful brilliance anytime, anywhere.  Six elegant and luminescent cremes for eyes, cheeks and lips.

Ben Nye Fireworks Creme Colors

Iridescent pigments in a silky texture make Fireworks the perfect companion to Lumiere Cremes.

Ben Nye Lumiere Creme Colours

Supreme blendability and radiant iridescence. Enriched with lavish pigments, Lumiere Cremes excel as crème eye shadows, especially when layered with Lumiere Grande Colours.

Ben Nye Lumiere Luxe Powders

Dust Luxe Powder over bare skin or apply over finished makeup for striking luminescence. For total “liquid color” coverage, blend with LiquiSet or Final Seal for smudge-proof durability on face or body.

Ben Nye Lumiere Ultra Bright Powder

Ultra Bright Powder feels feather light and sparkles like miniature diamonds. Stunning applied dry on bare skin, over makeup, or blended with our Sealers for a durable, high gloss finish.

Ben Nye Sparklers Glitter

$9.00 to $21.00
Apply to face, body and hair. Set Sparklers into crème makeup or lips. Spray LiquiSet to Skin and lightly dust on glitter for a delicate, sparkle finish.

Ben Nye Aqua Glitter

Bewitching glitter in a clear liquid, dries to a brilliant finish. Apply over makeup or directly to face, hair and body. Brush applicator included.

Glitz It Glitter Gel

Iridescent Opal Ice glitter is suspended in an invisible gel that quickly dries to a matte finish. Great for all over sparkling effects on face, hair and body.

Ben Nye Mascara

Creamy, smudge-resistant Mascaras intensify focus on the eyes. White is ideal to age facial hair and lashes, while Clear “sets” and styles without adding color.

Ben Nye Creme Eye Liner Pencils

Color-rich, moist formula glides on like silk. Smudge for a soft, smokey eye. Set with Eye Shadow for a long-wearing finish.

Ben Nye Liquid Eye Liner

When precision is crucial, our Liquid Eye liners quickly provide clean, crisp lines. Fluid, opaque color flows easily from the fine brush in a smudge and water-resistant formula.

Ben Nye Precision Eye Liner

Ben Nye's Precision Eye Liners offer ultimate control for even, precise application. Create stunning thin to bold lines with the ultra-fine tip.

Ben Nye MediaPRO Eye Definer Stack

Eye Definer contains ultra pigmentation in a silky texture for a stylish, smudgable eye lining or contour.

Ben Nye MediaPRO Eye Definers

Ben Nye, Sr. called it Lash Shadow 60 years ago, Today's Eye Definer contains ultra pigmentation in a silky texture for stylish, smudgable eye lining and contour.

Ben Nye Eyebrow Pencils

Formulated in a firm texture Eyebrow Pencils hold a precise point to create “wisps” of color to naturally augment brows. Sharpen with Single Hole Sharpener (SP) .05oz./1.4gm.

Ben Nye Lumiere Luxe Sparkle

Shimmering pigment, plus our high intensity glitter, are a remarkable combination. Mix with a makeup Sealer for smudgeproof durabilility on face, hair and body.

Highlighter Pencil

Apply along water-line to eliminate redness and keep eyes looking bright and fresh. Can be used around the lips to fix and highlight the lip line. Also works great under the eyebrow to sharpen the brow shape. Set with Luxury Powder adjacent to lip corners and beneath brows.

Studio Color - Lumiere Grande Colour

$79.00 $69.00
Studio Color Lumiere Grande Palette (STP-88) from Ben Nye Brilliant, luminescent jewel-toned shadows Refillable colors included: Ice RELU-1, Aztec Gold RELU-3, Chartreuse RELU-8, Cosmic Blue RELU-12, Iced Gold RELU-2, Indian Copper RELU-21, Tangerine RELU-7, Cosmic Violet RELU-17, Turquoise RELU-11, Azalea RELU-16, Jade RELU-10.

Studio Color - Modern Neutrals Palette

$79.00 $69.00
The Studio Color Modern Neutrals Palette Take your classic glam look up a notch with Ben Nye’s Studio Color Modern Neutral Pearl Sheen Palette! This palette includes twelve shimmery neutrals that are perfect for day or night. Each rich, silky shade has vivid color pay off and ultimate blendability, from the Crisp White to the Vibrant Sapphire. Use the shadows dry or with a dampened brush for intensified results that last all night! This sleek, compact case has a clear lid for instant accessibility.

Studio Color - Modern Brights Palette

$79.00 $69.00
Ben Nye's new collection of Studio Color Palettes offers convenience and professional quality to makeup artists, designers and students. The sleek, compact case has a clear lid for instant accessibility and the 12-color cartridge is refillable! The Modern Brights Pearl Sheen Studio Palette contains colorful, shimmery gem tones, including: White Sandstorm Gold Sun Goddess Deep Cove Hot Mango Lilac Fizz Sizzleberry Green Envy Tahitian Teal Galaxy Dust Night Club

Studio Color - Cool Glam Shadow Palette

$79.00 $69.00
Create a sultry, dramatic eye with Ben Nye’s Studio Color Cool Glam Shadows Palette. Twelve versatile, wearable colors including a cool, deep indigo! Enhance your eyebrows and contour your eyes to create the perfect smokey eye, or dip a moistened brush into these colors to transform any of them into a cake liner. Lilac Dusk and Eggplant make everything from blue to hazel and brown eyes “pop,” while the cool browns and grays accent and define in colors suitable for special occasions, or just any occasion! This sleek, compact case has a clear lid for instant accessibility.

Studio Color - Essential Eye Shadow Palette

$79.00 $69.00
Ben Nye's new collection of Studio Color Palettes offers convenience and professional quality to makeup artists, designers and students. The sleek, compact case has a clear lid for instant accessibility and the 12-color cartridge is refillable! The Essential Eye Shadows Studio Palette contains "all you need" for natural to smokey eyes, including: Vanilla Honey Shell Cork Santa Fe Mink Stole Smokey Taupe Eggplant Black-Brown Graphite Black Plum Black

Studio Color - Classy Chic Eye & Cheek Palette

$79.00 $69.00
The Studio Color Classy Chic Eye + Cheek includes two Lumiere Eye Shadow shades that are highly pigmented and pearlescent, five Ben Nye pressed eye shadows and five pressed powder blushes. Enhance and define the eye with smooth, silky shadows, while offering a matte finished flush to your client. Give your look that classy, yet stylish look with these neutral shadows and soft, youthful blushes. Build and blend, or leave as is. Intense color payoff is packaged within this sleek palette with a clear lid for easier access and visual. Save time in your appointments and room in your kit.

Cake Eye liner

Cake Eye Liners are water-activated colors that are perfect for creating graphic eye designs, dramatic winged liners, and enhancing the shape of eyebrows. They can even be painted onto the eyelashes. The colors dry to a matte finish on their own and do not smudge after setting.

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