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Foundation and Contour Brushes

$21.00 to $41.00
Rounded, tapered edges and soft synthetic fibers provide exceptional versatility and blending qualities. Excellent for application of creme-style foundations, Neutralizers, pressed colors, liquids and wet cake makeup, including Lumieres. The Foundation and Wide Foundation Brushes blend creme-style foundations to a sheer, smooth finish. Taklon.

Buffers & Blending Brushes

$21.00 to $28.00
Ben Nye's Professional Brushes are made from high end synthetic fibers providing exceptional versatility and blending qualities.

Studio 948 Foundation

This 3 toned foundation brush is crafted specifically to apply foundation to the face.

Studio 953 Duet Fiber Foundation

The short, flat domed shape provides easy & precise application of foundations, creams, powder products & emulsions. Ideally used with cream foundation.

Studio 957 Precision Cheek

This 2 toned synthetic hair brush has the versatility to apply powder blush, cream-to-powder color, mineral powder or bronzer.

Studio 955 Duet Fiber Finishing

Designed for lightweight application & blending of face powder. Having 2 levels of bristles provides the versatility of being able to layer product beautifully onto your skin.

Pink Bambu 955 Finishing

Creates the perfect light finish with the versatility of being able to blend face powder or water-based foundation beautifully.

Studio 947 Small Foundation

Ideal for creating a smooth even finish. The small dome shaped soft fibers allows for easy and precise application.

Dome Brushes

$13.75 to $17.00
Subtle, delicate brush excellent for creme concealer or eye shadow. Rounded corners allow for softened edges during application. Taklon.

Studio 934 Precision Concealer

Designed to touch-up areas of small coverage such as under the eye. The soft fibers provide gentle and precise application.

Studio 936 Concealer

Smoothly and evenly blends concealer into the eyes, face, and blemishes.

Flat Brushes

$9.00 to $15.00
Expertly blend Cremes, MagiCake Aqua Paint and Lumiere Grande Colours with these synthetic fiber brushes which closely resemble the "snap" of sable hair.  Taklon offers easy clean-up and long-life.  Available in six convenient sizes.

Studio 950 Oval Multipurpose

The Studio 950 Oval Multipurpose brush is a professional grade quality brush that allows you to blend, contour, powder, and set foundation. The soft synthetic fibers and curved handle give you a precise, and flawless application with ease. It is great for all formulas.

Studio 948.1 Slanted Foundation

Designed for precise application of foundation and a flawless finish. This carefully crafted brush can be used to distribute and blend foundation for beautiful coverage. The angle allows this brush to smoothly apply foundation in difficult-to-navigate areas.

Studio 991.5 Highlighting Fan

The 991.5 Highlighting Fan Brush is the perfect tool to lightly apply highlights to give off that shimmery effect and even translucent powder to set your makeup. The bristles are so soft that all you need to do is gently sweep the product over your face. The perfect tool to apply highlights or translucent powder. Bristles are made from vegan synthetic fibers. Brush name (991.5 Highlighting Fan) is written on the side of the handle. Ferrules are made from anodized aluminum. Professional, full-sized handle. Length: 7.7 inches (19.5 cm)

Studio 943 Face Shading

The 943 Face Shading Brush is an amazing brush that will help you create a look with the perfect finish. The densely packed bristles can help pick up the product to sculpt, shade, contour, buff, and blend in all the right places for that beautiful, professional look. Densely packed bristles help with contour, buff, shade, and blend. Bristles are made from natural and synthetic mixed fibers. Brush name (943 Face Shading) is written on the side of the handle. Ferrules are made from anodized aluminum. Professional, full-sized handle. Length: 7.1 inches (18.0 cm)

Multicoloured De-potting Spatula

The Z Palette Multicolored Spatula is a multi-use, dual-headed spatula with a unique design. The pointed tip was designed specifically to get into those hard to reach corners and make depotting makeup a breeze. Use the flat side to smooth out your makeup, or use as a mixing tool to create custom shades and colors, and mix your liquids, creams, loose powders and glitters. This spatula adds color to your already unique makeup kit.

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