Brush rolls and holders

MST-033 Brush Holder

Depending on your own organizing needs and personal taste, this folding brush holder has twenty four different size pockets to fit a variety of long brushes. Great for organizing your brushes at home or on the go. Compact design for portability. Inside zipper pocket. Easy to clean.

MST-034 Makeup Artist Tool Belt (Small)

This tool belt with multiple pockets can hold all the important tools that an artist needs, such as: makeup brushes, powder brushes, pencils, scissors, combs and other personal items. Adjustable belt for ideal comfort and portability.

MST-725 Cosmetic Pouch

$36.00 to $38.00
Soft cosmetic pouch, great for storing puffs, sponges, makeup brushes, pencils and other personal items. Durable and easy to clean.

MST-805 Makeup Artist Tool Belt (Large)

A large brush belt that can accommodate many brushes and tools making it handy to have for easy access to your brushes. The larger pockets are great to store makeup wedges, disposable mascara wands, Q-tips, a pack of tissue, small cosmetic puffs or even business cards.

Kryolan Brush cylinder case

This lined Brush Holder accommodates numerous brushes with a maximum length of 20 cm. The Brush Holder can be securely closed with two buckles on the sides. When opened, the lid functions as a second holder. Brushes not included.

KatKit- On the Go kit

This clear slick beauty case unzips into 3 separate compartments. It even has a small space for brushes!

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