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Skin Illustrator Glazing Gels

$23.00 to $28.00
A collection of water based transparent colors which allow you to do bruise and injury work directly onto the skin. Designed for extreme close-up work, Glazing Gels wear exceptionally well for the demands of High Definition Film & Television work. Create subtle to over the top realistic sunburns, freckles, shadows and illnesses that look like they are "in" the skin not "on" the skin.

Dirtworks Grime Spray

$26.00 to $29.75
Dirtworks Grime Sprays are a coordinated system of colored dirt sprays that are matched to the Skin Illustrator Grunge Palette. They also blend well with all the Skin Illustrator Palettes and Liquids.

Dirtworks Powders

Dirtworks Powders are a coordinated system of colored dirts, that are matched to the Skin Illustrator Grunge Palette. Dirtworks Powders are the safest dirt on the market, they do not contain any hazardous ingredients such as talc, silica or walnut shells.

Dirtworks Dirt Bags

Fleet St. Dirtworks Dirt Bags are a washable porous cotton muslin for use with theatrical dirts on skin or clothing. Rub or pounce the material gently onto the skin with a rolling motion using Dirtworks Dirt Bag.

Dirtworks Dirt-Tac

DIRTWORKS DIRT-TAC is a clear gel made to be used with theDirtworks Dirt Bag when only a powdered look is required. DIRT-TAC also helps hold the powders in place.

Fleet Street Blood Pastes

$33.00 to $36.00
FLEET STREET BLOOD PASTES add dimension to the liquid Bloodworks products. BLOOD PASTES stay in place when applied and become dry to to the touch.

Bloody 5 Palette

The Skin Illustrator Bloody 5 Palette contains the best blood-related colors available: Prime Red, Blood Tone, Aged Blood, Black and Rose Adjuster. Keep this one in you pocket for quick touch-ups, or use it to create a "bloody mess" from scratch.

Fleetstreet Blood

$27.00 to $93.00
Fleetstreet Blood is the most unique theatrical blood on the market. Made from FDA approved pigments, Fleetstreet Drying Bloods are designed for use on both skin and hair.

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