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Ben Nye Sparklers Glitter

$9.00 to $21.00
Apply to face, body and hair. Set Sparklers into crème makeup or lips. Spray LiquiSet to Skin and lightly dust on glitter for a delicate, sparkle finish.

Body Gems

$15.75 to $18.00
Sparkling Rhinestone gems available in 4 different colours. Red, Blue, Green and Crystal. Self Adhesive

Glitz It Glitter Gel

Iridescent Opal Ice glitter is suspended in an invisible gel that quickly dries to a matte finish. Great for all over sparkling effects on face, hair and body.

Kryolan Metallic Flakes

$17.00 to $20.00
Metallic Flakes are very fine metal flakes to decorate artificial surfaces. Use Hydro Spirit Gum, Multi Gel or any grease foundation as a base to adhere Metallic Flakes.

Ad Gem

Ad Gem is a safe, LATEX-FREE adhesive to use for all body decoration. This LATEX-FREE adhesive is a water based acrylic formula that is safe and comfortable providing the perfect amount of hold for Glitters, Jewels and other cosmetic accessories.

Ben Nye Glitter Glue

Effective, light weight glue keeps loose glitter and sequins in place. Alcohol-based.

Ben Nye Lumiere Luxe Powders

Dust Luxe Powder over bare skin or apply over finished makeup for striking luminescence. For total “liquid color” coverage, blend with LiquiSet or Final Seal for smudge-proof durability on face or body.

Ben Nye Lumiere Luxe Sparkle

Shimmering pigment, plus our high intensity glitter, are a remarkable combination. Mix with a makeup Sealer for smudgeproof durabilility on face, hair and body.

Ben Nye Lumiere Ultra Bright Powder

Ultra Bright Powder feels feather light and sparkles like miniature diamonds. Stunning applied dry on bare skin, over makeup, or blended with our Sealers for a durable, high gloss finish.

Ben Nye Aqua Glitter

Bewitching glitter in a clear liquid, dries to a brilliant finish. Apply over makeup or directly to face, hair and body. Brush applicator included.

Mehron Metallic Powder

An ultra fine powder that allows the artist to create dramatic makeup designs, or add an accent to any body makeup. Can be used dry or combined with the mixing liquid to form a water-based metallic makeup.

Ben Nye Shimmer Powders

Finely milled and sheer enough for everyday wear, these powders provide a beautiful accent to any look. Whether dusted on lightly as an illuminating highlight, or combined with a moisturizer for a healthy glow, you are sure to find many uses for these gorgeous powders!

Ben Nye Lumiere Grande Colour

Extreme color power and enticing shimmer, Pressed pigment-rich Grande Colors apply dry for a softer finish, or with water for enhanced opacity. Seal with Final Seal or LiquiSet for durability.

Metallic Powder with Mixing Liquid

Mehron's Metallic Powder and Mixing Liquid is a set with unlimited design possibilities. This ultra-fine Metallic Powder Makeup can create dramatic makeup designs and effects. The soft Metallic Powder Makeup is finely crafted, evenly blended and formulated to add dynamic shiny accents to any makeup look. Gold, Silver, Bronze OR Copper Metallic Powder can be used alone for a subtle sheer color or mixed with our included 1 oz. Mixing Liquid to create the intense color of real metals. This ultra-fine Metallic Powder Makeup can create dramatic makeup designs and effects. The soft Metallic Powder Makeup is finely crafted, evenly blended and formulated to add dynamic shiny accents to any makeup look.

TOPPERS palette

Re-introducing TOPPERS from the Hyper Color Palette! ・Apply Flip Topper Pigments with fingers for a dewy glossy finish ・Apply with a brush for a glittery finish This palette is a StudioF/X staff favorite!

Liquid Body Makeup - Silver & Gold

The classic liquid body foundation, in silver and gold, metallics. Water and rub resistant. Washes off with soap and water.

Aura - Pressed Glitter

Aura is a foiled metallic silver-tone purple

Celestial - Pressed Glitter

Celestial is an iridescent sky blue with a gold-green sheen

Cosmic - Pressed Glitter

Cosmic is a holographic lilac

Dark Matter - Pressed Glitter

Dark Matter is a holographic gunmetal

Eclipse - Pressed Glitter

Eclipse is a holographic gold

Ethereal - Pressed Glitter

Ethereal is an iridescent white with gold specks

Fantasy - Pressed Glitter

Fantasy is a foiled metallic dark purple

Golden Hour - Pressed Glitter

Golden Hour is a coral rose pink color shifting glitter that shifts iridescent green

Illusion - Pressed Glitter

Illusion is a holographic green gold

InterStellar - Pressed Glitter

Interstellar is an intense hot pink

Kaleidoscope - Pressed Glitter

Kaleidoscope is a medium purple pink

Light Year - Pressed Glitter

Light Year is a holographic yellow gold

Mercury - Pressed Glitter

Mercury is a holographic yellow gold

Meteor - Pressed Glitter

Meteor is a foiled brown

Mirage - Pressed Glitter

Mirage is an olive green with gold specks

Moonlight - Pressed Glitter

Moonlight is a holographic silver

Moonstone - Pressed Glitter

Moonstone is a foiled metallic grey

Mystic - Pressed Glitter

Mystic is a light orange with gold specks

Mythical - Pressed Glitter

Mythical is a holographic parrot green

Nebula - Pressed Glitter

Nebula is a holographic soft baby pink

Outer Space - Pressed Glitter

Outer Space is a holographic black

Renegade - Pressed Glitter

Renegade is a bright royal blue

SkyFall - Pressed Glitter

Skyfall is a holographic sky blue

Solstice - Pressed Glitter

Solstice is an iridescent pink with gold specks

Starship - Pressed Glitter

Starship is an iridescent yellow with green-gold specks

Sunset - Pressed Glitter

Sunset is a holographic peach pink

Super Nova - Pressed Glitter

Supernova is a foiled rose gold pressed glitter

Venus - Pressed Glitter

Venus is a holographic coral

Whimsical - Pressed Glitter

Whimsical is an iridescent duo-chrome blue-purple glitter

Zodiac - Pressed Glitter

Zodiac is a foiled dark green

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