Complete Make-up Kits

Picture of The Aquacolor Kit
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The Aquacolor Kit

The most complete make-up kit for theater, face and body painting! Includes Make-up Manual.
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Cake Makeup Kit

Cake Makeup Kits include water-act Color Cake Foundations and MagiCake Aqua Paint contours, plus a generous range of products including creme contours and effects colors, and use accessories and tools.
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Creme Makeup Kit

Creme Kits are a standard for class and production. Products are intensely pigmented, easy to blend and provide exceptional design options. The series contains a contemporary selection of creme foundations, rouges, highlights and shadows formulated in a richly pigmented, velvety texture. Creme makeups are gentle and easy to use. Quality components in generous full sizes cover straight, beauty, old age and special effects makeups. Expect ample makeup for dozens of applications for instruction and theatrical productions. .
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Creme Personal Kits

Ben Nye's Creme Personal Kits provide students, actors, and performers with all the essential tools and products necessary to accomplish a handful of basic stage makeup applications. These kits come packed with creme foundation, a mini contour, blush, highlight, and lip palette, setting powder, eyebrow pencil, flat brush, powder puff, latex sponge, and stipple sponge. The products in the Creme Personal Kits are designed to stand up to the high demand of theatrical and performance arts. This economic bundle is ideal for classroom environments, and anybody that wants a general introduction to products for stage productions. Shades are available in a range of fair, light, olive, and brown skin tones.
Deluxe Clown Kit
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Deluxe Clown Kit

An exceptional assortment of quality creme clown makeup. Expert directions by former Ringling Bros. Clown and professional makeup artist, Keith Crary. Applications: Minimum 12-20.
Picture of Effects Gel Wound Kit
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Effects Gel Wound Kit

$36.00 to $45.00
Design durable and realistic lacerations, burns, wounds and scars with this useful pack of gels. Wounds may be pre-made. Detailed instructions included. Available in 1 oz. or 2 oz. sets of three shades: Blood, Flesh (clear), and Scar (opaque). Expect 30-50 applications per ounce.
Picture of Skeleton Kit
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Skeleton Kit

Create friendly or fearsome creatures with professional makeup and step-by-step directions. Applications: Minimum 4-6.
Picture of The Crazy Doll Kit
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The Crazy Doll Kit

The Crazy Doll Kit contains every product needed to create this amazing Halloween look. It also comes with a visual step-by-step guide explaining the techniques and products in detail.
Picture of 3-D Effects Kit
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3-D Effects Kit

This character kit includes Hollywood quality components and step-by-step directions to allow you to create realistic bruises, lacerations, burns, gashes, broken noses and abrasions! Great for special effects beginners. Applications: Minimum 10-15.


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