Perfect Matt

Perfect Matt is a soft gel that acts to smooth out irregularities on the surface of the skin. The gel-like consistency of Perfect Matt also enhances the durability of the makeup applied. Is the ideal matting agent for a face before it is made up.

Sensation Primer

Sensation Primer is a silicone based product. Great to use under makeup for a smoother look and matts shine. Apply using a foundation brush for best results.

Skin Prep

• Extends Makeup Wear • Advanced Moisture Barrier • Great for all skin types • Trusted Ingredients Made in the USA SKIN Prep PRO™ is a clear, fragrance-free liquid for use on all skin types prior to makeup application. Developed and used by industry professionals, it allows makeup to last longer under stressful conditions. During an active day, SKIN Prep PRO™ acts as a moisture barrier between the skin and your makeup to maintain that sought after fresh finish. Even under the most extreme conditions, your skin feels fresh and continues to look great hour after hour.

Extended Wear Primer

Use Extended Wear Primer for longer periods of wear or high activity levels. Use it to ensure Dermaflage sticks well and you get long wear time. A must have for those with oily skin!

S/B Primer

$32.50 to $49.50
Made with soothing botanicals and naturally derived silicone, TemptuPRO S/B Primer primes and perfects skin, allowing for an even smoother application.

HD Micro Primer

HD Micro Primer minimizes visible pores and fine lines and provides to the skin a feeling of smoothness. It enhances the application of the make-up. Apply HD Micro Primer alone or under make-up to make it stay put. The incorporated silk protein regulates the moisture level of the skin.

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