Linear Standard Belts (LSB)

Picture of The Actor Bag
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The Actor Bag

A strong fabric top with velcro fastening means you can add or remove this pouch without taking your belt off. Perfect for when you're looking after more than one person on set - swap out with your team in a flash! With a more generous pouch size than the previous Actor Bags, you'll love the extra space!
Picture of The Belt Loop (3pk)
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The Belt Loop (3pk)

This 3-pack of belt loops is a great way to customise your LSB belt even further. Use on their own or add a carabiner and hang other tools, photos or a camera - whatever you need can be right at hand!.
Picture of The Brush Caddy
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Picture of The Can Can
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The Can Can

With its fully adjustable velcro strap, the Can Can is designed to hold bottles, cans and sprays of various shapes and sizes. The belt loop clip makes it easy to remove or add this baby to your belt. Slip the elasticated loop over the top of your container or nozzle to keep it securely in place.
Picture of The Carabiner - LSB
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The Carabiner - LSB

The LSB Carabiner is secured to your belt via a Velcro belt loop. It’s here to hold those items you need to attach and release in an instant. Comes as a super handy two-pack. Great for all the crew!
Picture of The Demi
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The Demi

When you need easy access to your tools but don't have a lot to carry, the Demi is for you. Large enough to hold your essentials, yet small enough to be discreet. The Demi features an extra pocket on the front and two pen holders, making it your perfect in-betweener.
Picture of The Duo
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The Duo

When organisation is key, this nifty number will be your best friend. Split into two compartments, with each big enough to hold ink palettes, hairsprays and all your consumables.
Picture of The Linear Belt
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The Linear Belt

This padded belt forms the core of our LSB system. It's up to you how you dress it up - just add pouches and you're ready to go! Its great width and padding ensure comfort at all times. Strong and durable, it'll last the distance. Choose from XXS-SM, S-M or M–XXL to ensure you get a great fit.
Picture of The Mini
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The Mini

LSB designed the Mini especially for those little items that get lost at the bottom of your big pouch ... or those messy bits of kit that just need to be kept separate. Perfect for adhesives, IPA (or even a few personal items) the Mini fits perfectly alongside your other pouches.
Picture of The Prima Pouch
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The Prima Pouch

The go-to pouch for the busy makeup artist! This classic LSB pouch features elastic slots that easily fit 10 brushes, with a roomy interior to hold all your essential items.
Picture of The Radio Holder
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The Radio Holder

Strong fabric and a functional design ensures your radio will remain attached to your belt at all times. The LSB Radio Holder fits standard to large sized radios from 11.5cm to 14cm high. Designed for NZ, Australian, European and US set radios.
Picture of The Trio
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The Trio

The Trio is here to keep you organised! Three handy compartments and a clear lid mean it's now oh so easy to keep your bits and pieces orderly in one sleek pouch. With the belt loop tucked discreetly behind the pouch, the Trio sits higher than our other pouches to ensure your essentials are within easy view and easy reach.


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