Dirt and Grime

Clean Dirt

$16.00 to $44.00
Clean Dirt is great to use directly on skin or costumes for a dark, soiled effect to simulate wet dirt. Remove with soap and water. *Caution: Not for use in eyes. May stain some fabrics test before use

Dirt Palette

The Dirt Palette is a two-cell collection of Midnight Brown and Black that was created exclusively for Joel Harlow for his work on the film Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The large cells create an incredibly fast and effective method to dirty up an actor or character in large areas at a time. The colors can be used alone or blended together for your unique shade. The Dirt Palette, along with the colors from the Grunge Palette, will have you set for all your filthy needs.

Dirtworks Dirt Bags

Fleet St. Dirtworks Dirt Bags are a washable porous cotton muslin for use with theatrical dirts on skin or clothing. Rub or pounce the material gently onto the skin with a rolling motion using Dirtworks Dirt Bag.

Dirtworks Dirt-Tac

DIRTWORKS DIRT-TAC is a clear gel made to be used with theDirtworks Dirt Bag when only a powdered look is required. DIRT-TAC also helps hold the powders in place.

Dirtworks Grime Spray

$26.00 to $29.75
Dirtworks Grime Sprays are a coordinated system of colored dirt sprays that are matched to the Skin Illustrator Grunge Palette. They also blend well with all the Skin Illustrator Palettes and Liquids.

Dirtworks Powders

Dirtworks Powders are a coordinated system of colored dirts, that are matched to the Skin Illustrator Grunge Palette. Dirtworks Powders are the safest dirt on the market, they do not contain any hazardous ingredients such as talc, silica or walnut shells.

Grime FX Quick Death

$23.00 to $38.00
Ben Nye's Quick Death from the Grime FX line, easily used to simulate a deathly pallor or undead complexion.

Grime FX Quick Dirt

$23.00 to $38.00
Ben Nye's Quick Dirt from the Grime FX line, easily used to simulate dark brown mud.

Grime FX Quick Grease

$23.00 to $38.00
Ben Nye's Quick Grease, Can be easily used to simulate grease and motor oil.

Grime FX Quick Slime

$23.00 to $38.00
Ben Nye's Quick Slime can be easily applied to simulate ectoplasm and organic debris.

Texas Dirt

$10.00 to $18.00
An ultra fine specialty powder that are formulated to create the look of dirt, great for stage, video, and movie performances. The realistic color of the ultra-fine powder create a natural look. It has a loose consistency that can easily be applied for just the right touch to enhance a character's makeup.

Grime FX Powder - Coal

$21.00 to $24.00
Grime FX Coal powder from Ben Nye makeup simulates charcoal and grease.

Grime FX Powder - Plains Dust

$12.00 to $24.00
Plains Dust FX powder from Ben Nye makeup simulates reddish-brown soil and clay.

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