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Blush & Contour Palette

The Blush & Contour Select palette offer eight exceptional MediaPRO Blush, Ultra Blush, Highlight and Shadows for beautiful detail and dimension for fashion, film, bridal and HD Broadcast.

Ben Nye Creme Contour & Blush Palette

Contouring has never been easier! This palette includes 12 essential MediaPRO Creme Blush, Ultra Blush, Highlights and Contours.

Ben Nye MediaPro Creme Contour Palette

This palette makes a fashion statement with 18 incomparable MediaPRO Highlights, Shadows, Blush and Ultra Contours. All colors are nicely pigmented and designed in a moist, easily buildable formula.

Ben Nye Creme Blush Wheel

Inspired by professional artists, our Creme Blush Wheel offers six beautiful shades, from natural to vibrant.

Ben Nye Theatrical Rouge Palette

An eight color ensemble is practical and versatile for every working artist. Rich, vibrant colors complement most complexions for endless design options.

Ben Nye Fashion Rouge Palette

Colors are richly pigmented and blend effortlessly for stunning finishes. Palettes now offer refillable access at the top of each well and include window cover.

Ben Nye Ultimate Designer Palette

12-color Eye Shadow and Blush Palette for stylish high fashion and dramatic Goth-glamour designs. It combines primary contours with high-contrast blush and eye tones.

Ben Nye Essential Eye Shadow & Rouge Palette

Six each of Ben Nye's most popular Eye Shadows and Powder Rouges in a refillable, magnetic palette. This exquisite assortment is all you'll need for film, runway, bridal and Hi Def application.

Ben Nye Powder Rouge

Formulated in a silky texture, richly pigmented Powder Rouge series offers a striking display of color. Choose from soft, natural shades for subtle shaping, or bright and bold for fashion and avant garde designs.

Ben Nye Powder Rouge Refill

Formulated in a silky texture, our richly pigmented powder rouge series offers a striking display of color. Choose from a soft, natural shades for subtle shaping, or bright and bold for fashion and avant garde designs.

Ben Nye MediaPro Creme Blush

MediaPRO Blush offers refined hues in a micro-smooth texture that apply and blend effortlessly. Long-wearing colors from soft and natural, to intensely dramatic.

Ben Nye MediaPro Creme Shadows

Professional artists know the secrets of subtle shadowing. A touch of shadow defines contours along cheeks, nose or jawline.

Ben Nye MediaPro Creme Highlights

Silky-smooth Creme Highlights subtly accent the face for light-catching beauty. Accentuate cheeks, brows, nose and collar bone to add radiance and emphasize forcus.

Ben Nye MediaPro Ultra Blush

Pump up the volume with this array of fashion-forward shades. Colors are exceptional for contouring darker skin tones, or any design that requires extraordinary color.

Ben Nye Creme Shadows

A remarkable shadow palette to both improve and distort facial features. Highly pigmented colors provide intense color for dramatic effects, or blend easily for close-up, subtle application.

Ben Nye Creme Highlight

Improve and emphasize facial features. Use brighter tones, such as CH-0 Ultralite, to create the aging when used in tandem with shadows. Warmer shades minimize under-eye discoloration.

Ben Nye Creme Cheek Rouges

Apply Ben Nye Creme Rouge to accentuate radiance on cheeks naturally, and alter or deepen facial contours. This highly pigmented formulation assures versatility for intense or natural subtlety.

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