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Studio F/X proudly serves western Canada’s film, television, and theatre industries with makeup supplies, special makeup effects, and theatrical brushes. We pride ourselves in customer service, and have only accredited special effects artists on staff.

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Available in pairs ONLY! Sclera Contacts are non - prescription, 22 millimeter diameter. Material - Polyhema (soft) ICHIGO Lenses are black with a solid yellow iris and hole for pupil Once opened, lenses are wearable for up to 6 months with proper care. Contacts do not come with contact lens solution or carrying case.

Bruise Creams

The innovative formula of the silicone cream fuses with the skin and leaves no visible material application even with the latest camera technology. The shades can be mixed with each other achieving a natural looking result with color gradients for hematomas, scalds, inflammation and skin irritation. Bruise Cream is extremely water resistant after a short drying time. Friction weakens the original color impression only slightly. Bruise Cream is removed with Hydro Make-up Remover Oil.

FaceLace -Rosa

Peel Off, Stick on and go! Rosa, black. Inspired by the exuberant array of Sugar Skull designs, Face Lace has created an assemblage of filigree pieces that can be used in total or in part.