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Studio F/X proudly serves western Canada’s film, television, and theatre industries with makeup supplies, special makeup effects, and theatrical brushes. We pride ourselves in customer service, and have only accredited special effects artists on staff.

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Cinema Secrets Makeup Sanitizing Spray

$14.00 to $28.00
Cinema Secrets Makeup Sanitizing Spray kills germs and removes bacteria from powder and cream products–eyeshadow, blush, foundation, lipstick, and more! It works instantly and dries quickly so your makeup can be used within minutes a must-have for professional artists or for anyone who wants to keep their favorite products clean and bacteria-free.


The Skin Illustrator Powdah On Set Palette was created for self-taught special effects makeup artist, Powdah (Marc Clancy).

Artful Splodger Palette - Freckle & Age Spot

The Artful Splodger Duo Palette is a dual-cell On Set palette featuring two new colors: Freckles and Age Spot. They are perfect for adding more organic characteristics to a look with freckles or pigmentation. Age Spot also can be used for darker freckling, in combination with Freckles. The darker color is also perfect for adding freckles on to deeper skin tones.