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Studio 957 Precision Cheek

This 2 toned synthetic hair brush has the versatility to apply powder blush, cream-to-powder color, mineral powder or bronzer.

Buffers & Blending Brushes

$21.00 to $28.00
Ben Nye's Professional Brushes are made from high end synthetic fibers providing exceptional versatility and blending qualities.

Studio 980 Large Natural Powder

Used to apply all types of powder across your face. It distributes the powder while airbrush-blending the makeup beneath it.

Studio 959 Powder Blending

Classic powder brush is exquisitely crafted to blend powder

Studio 985 Duet Fiber Powder

For lightweight powder application. This Duet Fiber Powder brush is tapered for flawless application.

Studio 958 Duet Fiber Powder Blending

Full large powder brush used for lightweight application and blending powder or pigments. It creates soft layers or to add textures.

Studio 990 Angled Powder Face

This wide flat angled brush is perfectly suited for whisking powder over the face.

Studio 974 Tapered Powder

Designed to sculpt and shape cheeks and temples using powder, blush, or highlighter. The tapered shape of the brush head allows for precise placement of powder, blush, or highlighter to shape the cheeks and temples. This brush is made of a soft, optimized mix of natural and synthetic fibers.

Studio 944 Tapered Contour

Apply powder, blush, or highlighter onto the upper contours of the face for a glowing complexion. Simply roll the brush into color and tap away excess. Sweep in a circular motion onto desired area and blend for a flawless look. This brush is made of a soft, optimized mix of natural and synthetic fibers.

Studio 769 Angled Contour

Sharp angled brush for contouring. Create precise color accents & highlights on the inner & outer corners of the eye.

Studio 942 Slanted Contour

The angled bristles offer precise application to the cheeks to shape and structure your face.

Studio 945 Contour

Softly rounded dome tip can be used on the face to apply, blend, or contour powder products.

Powder, Blush & Contour Brushes

$26.00 to $41.00
Ben Nye's natural hair brushes are ideal for applications of powders, rouges and shimmer powders. Available in a variety of shapes.

Studio 964 All Purpose Blusher

A truly all-purpose brush designed for blush or face powder. The rounded head creates optimum control during application and assists in the contouring of powder products such as blushes, pressed powders, loose powders and hybrid foundations.

Studio 965 Duet Fiber Blusher

Ideally used for lightweight blusher application. This Duet Fiber Blusher brush is tapered for flawless application. Used to highlight & contour.

Studio 925 Duet Fiber Fan

Ideally used to lightly apply or blend powders, the Duet Fiber Fan brush is a flat, fan-shaped brush that can also help to brush off any excess product.

Studio 950 Oval Multipurpose

The Studio 950 Oval Multipurpose brush is a professional grade quality brush that allows you to blend, contour, powder, and set foundation. The soft synthetic fibers and curved handle give you a precise, and flawless application with ease. It is great for all formulas.

Studio 995 Kabuki

Offers full coverage for a wide range of makeup. Fully rounded and dome-shaped this brush is made up of a mixture of high quality goat hair and synthetic fibers. The short-handled brush allows for a more controlled application.

Studio 993 Flat Top Kabuki

For use with powder, cream and liquid foundations. The Flat Top Kabuki brush has a flawless coverage & application. With the flat dome & synthetic fibers, it is ideally used for buffing your liquid products.

Studio 949 Pointed Foundation

Crafted specifically for the hard to reach curves on the face, this pointed brush is perfect for both foundation and concealing. The pointed tip provides precise application around the eyes, nose and cheek bones.

Easy Line Brush

FROM KRYOLAN- THE ILLUSION BRUSH SERIES . A round brush made of Sable, a shorter lining brush for intricate line work and details. Its tightly packed hair makes it easy to achieve fine detail. For face and body painting it works exceptionally well with Aquacolor, Aquacolor Soft Cream and Aquacolor Liquid. The Illusion range of 13 brushes was designed by leading professionals in the face and body art industry.

Studio 943 Face Shading

The 943 Face Shading Brush is an amazing brush that will help you create a look with the perfect finish. The densely packed bristles can help pick up the product to sculpt, shade, contour, buff, and blend in all the right places for that beautiful, professional look. Densely packed bristles help with contour, buff, shade, and blend. Bristles are made from natural and synthetic mixed fibers. Brush name (943 Face Shading) is written on the side of the handle. Ferrules are made from anodized aluminum. Professional, full-sized handle. Length: 7.1 inches (18.0 cm)

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