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4 Piece Deluxe Spatula Set

Great for sculpting prosthetic pieces and picking up makeup hygienically. Can be easily sanitized.

Brow Stencil Set

These brow stencils are designed to fit comfortable on the brow area to define and shape brows. Four styles of brow stencils are included.


The brushegg is a quick, simple and fun way to effectively clean your makeup brush collection. This high-grade silicone scrublet and compact design consists of soft textures ideal for both brushes and sponges. Now you can finally enjoy the process of cleaning your brushes and prolong the longevity of your brushes. The brushegg is available in pink, mint, hot pink, fuchsia, white and black.

Double Sided Spatula

Made out of stainless steel. Great for sculpting for prosthetic pieces and picking up makeup hygenically. Can be easily sanitized. A great addition to any working artist's kit.

Duo Spatula With Point

Stainless steel duo ended spatula with one pointed end and one rounded end. Great tool for sculpting or creating special effects. Easy to clean.

Mixing Palette Large

The large surface of the stainless steel palette allows the artist to mix multiple colors in one area . Easy to clean and sanitize.

Mixing Palette Oval Artist Type

Made out of stainless steel. This is a great mixing palette for all your makeup needs

Mixing Palette with Bracelet

The mixing palette with the bracelet gives the artist freedom to work with their hands, without the hassle of holding a palette. Made out of stainless steel it is attached to an adjustable bracelet. Simply squeeze the bracelet to close onto the wrist and gently slip it off the wrist or open it up slightly.

Mixing Palette With Finger Bowl

This little gem is wonderful to use on set for quick touch ups or use it to quickly mix a color for an airbrush.

Mixing Palette With Finger Hole

$12.00 to $13.00
With the finger hole built into the palette helps the artist to keep a steady hold. Made out of stainless steel allows the artist to clean and sanitize the palette effortlessly.

Mixing Palette With Finger Ring

This mini mixing palette is attached to a ring. Great to use for touching up on set or fashion shows where it's hard to hold larger objects. The compact size allows the artist to pack it away in their kit or set bag easily. Made out of stainless steel, easy to clean and sanitize.

Mixing Palette with Side Walls

This unique palette has side walls to prevent liquid foundations from spilling over the edge. The finger hole allows the artist to have a better grip while holding the palette. Made out of stainless steel makes clean up easy.

Preo Corner Lash Curler

Praised by dozens of beauty editors around the world, this unique curler can transform even the most stubborn lashes. Used in Japan where women generally have shorter lashes, this curler allows you to curl small sections of lash. You can also crimp the lashes up to get a more dramatic curl.

Professional Brush Belt

For those makeup artists at work, this brush apron is a convenient hands free way to keep your tools on you at all times. Organize your brushes and tools in the many compartment sleeves it holds. The belt is adjustable and has a click closure.

Royal Fan Brush

A large fan brush made out of soft goat hair great for applying powder to lightly set foundations or to dust away excess powder.

Safety Scissors

Stainless Steel Safety Scissors with rounded tips. Easy to sanitize. Use the safety scissors to trim the edges of a bald cap.

Shadow Shields

Eliminate eye shadow fallout with this hands-free, disposable, time-saving secret weapon! Apply these half moon shaped gems under the eye before applying eye makeup to catch any and all excess product that falls! When done, gently remove shield and say Hello… To Flawless Eye Makeup!

Single Blade Spatula

Made out of stainless steel. Great for picking up makeup hygienically, As well as mixing products on a palette. Can be easily sanitized. A great addition to any working artist's kit.

Stainless Steel Mixing Palette

Stainless steel mixing palette great to use to mix foundations or colors on. Easy to clean and sanitize. Available in small palette size

Wax Carver 10pc Set

Stainless steel wax carving tools set in a insulated handles. Great use for shaping wax or clay. Easy to clean and handle.

Sea Sponge

Sea sponges are a perfect way to apply water activated body paint. Used damp, sea sponges will not absorb as much product as synthetic makeup sponges.  This will allow the artist to apply the body paint smoothly and evenly. Great to apply with thinned out cream makeup, liquid or cake body paints.

12 Piece Wax Carver Set

Made out of stainless steel. Great for sculpting prosthetic pieces and picking up makeup hygienically.

Chella Heated Eyelash Curler

Say Goodbye to the crimping and pinching caused by traditional lash curlers. This sleek, safe, and gentle heating wand is essential to enhance the appearance of your lashes. Designed to be used after mascara application, this curler gently warms lashes to deliver long lasting curl. You can now achieve the maximum curl without damaging your eyelashes for a beautiful & polished look. *AAA Battery included.

Danielle Silicone Brush Organizer

A beauty tool organizer has never been so stylish! Featuring a premium silicone lid, this unique design allows for tools and brushes of all shapes to be stored neatly. Ideal for vanity tops or shelf organization.

Stainless Steel Bowl

Stainless steel mixing bowl is great to use for combining airbrush paints, body paint colors, and so on. Easy to clean and reusable. Available in 1oz cup size.

Single Sided Large Spatula

A single sided large spatula made out of stainless steel. Great to use for blending paints or special effects makeup. Easy to clean and sanitize.

Canadian Flag Stencil

A reusable airbrush stencil great to use for any Canadian occasion. Easy to use and clean.

Cover Me Cape

Made out of a lightweight, breathable fabric and a snap buttons for quick release. Washes easily and keeps the makeup from falling onto your client's clothes.

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