Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

At Studio FX, we’re all about education our valued customers on the best use and application of our products! The hands-on learning we provide is indispensable to the production crews and makeup artists that we work with. But sometimes the best learning happens on one’s own time. That’s why we’ve put together a growing library of video tutorials with specialty focuses that can help you make your creative vision a reality.

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Beat Up Tutorial


Learn how to effectively apply bruises to the skin of the face, including realistic, 3D cuts to lips, foreheads, and noses, finally giving your battered subject a convincing finish with the application of blood and a glycerin-based sheen.


Brow Blocking for a Fun Night Out


Learn how the proper application of a silicone adhesive can help seal a brow, keeping it sweat-proof and dry, maintaining your makeup finish for an active night of dancing and partying!




Brow Blocking for a Period of 4-8 Hours


Here’s a comprehensive how-to for a brow block that has to last a little longer than your typical shoot - more like an all-day event. Using Pros-Aide Original Formula, an eyebrow brush, and Kryolan Dermacolour, Steven creates a look that lasts.


Brow Blocking for Drag Tutorial


Steven shows us how to create the perfect brow block for drag makeup. Beginning with the lifting of the eyebrow using spirit gum and a small amount of wax, and some primer forms the ideal base for the right drag makeup and brush techniques.


Clown Kit - How to Paint a Sugar Skull


The sugar skull look is growing in popularity, and a basic clown kit will provide you with everything you need. In addition to the right strokes and techniques, this video shows you how to use both sponges and brushes to achieve this look.


Drag Makeup Tutorial


Learn how to use the right shades to lift cheek bones, define edges, and soften contours. After choosing the right hair and lashes, we will help you blend the right colours to bring the perfect drag look together.


Fast Scars Tutorial


In this video Steven shows us how scars are a common effect that can be achieved quickly and easily using only a lip liner pencil, skin-tightening kolodion, a little colour, and a Q-tip.


Latex Ears Tutorial


A common sight in frightening and fantastical productions, latex ears can be easily attached and edges concealed using the right methods. See how a little spirit gum, latex, and sealer, helps to pull this look off.




Transfers Tutorial


Things like latex horns are great examples of what we call “transfers” in the makeup industry. Learn how to easily attach and finish these effects for the perfect costume or production idea.


Vampire Teeth Tutorial


Pointed teeth are a great and easy-to-use effect for all kinds of looks - especially vampires! In this video we’ll show you how to properly mix a solution, and how to attach them so that they stay in place as long as you need them to.


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