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Studio Eyes 12pc. Brush Set

12 tools tailored to meet the needs for your eyes. Included is a Studio Roll-up Pouch.

Studio The Collection 14pc Brush Set

The Collection 14 Piece Brush Set brings together the ultimate line-up of brushes. This set is artist-inspired to help you complete a full everyday look from your brows, to your lips, and all that is in between.

Studio The Collection 24pc Brush Set

The Luxury 24 Piece Brush Set is the perfect brush set for overall flawless makeup application. This makeup brush set includes all the brushes you'll need to apply eye, face, and body makeup from base and priming application to perfect finish. Included is a Studio Roll-up Pouch. It has 20 pockets of varying widths to accommodate a wide range of contents with 4 side pockets to hold small or loose items in place

Studio The Collection 7pc Brush Set

Perfect basic brush set for flawless makeup application. Included is a Studio Roll-up Pouch. Pouch has 20 pockets of varying width to accommodate a wide range of contents with 4 side pockets to hold small or loose items in place.

Studio 947 Small Foundation

Ideal for creating a smooth even finish. The small dome shaped soft fibers allows for easy and precise application.

Studio 934 Precision Concealer

Designed to touch-up areas of small coverage such as under the eye. The soft fibers provide gentle and precise application.

Studio 936 Concealer

Smoothly and evenly blends concealer into the eyes, face, and blemishes.

Studio 948 Foundation

This 3 toned foundation brush is crafted specifically to apply foundation to the face.

Studio 957 Precision Cheek

This 2 toned synthetic hair brush has the versatility to apply powder blush, cream-to-powder color, mineral powder or bronzer.

Studio 980 Large Natural Powder

Used to apply all types of powder across your face. It distributes the powder while airbrush-blending the makeup beneath it.

Studio 959 Powder Blending

Classic powder brush is exquisitely crafted to blend powder

Studio 990 Angled Powder Face

This wide flat angled brush is perfectly suited for whisking powder over the face.

Studio 974 Tapered Powder

Designed to sculpt and shape cheeks and temples using powder, blush, or highlighter. The tapered shape of the brush head allows for precise placement of powder, blush, or highlighter to shape the cheeks and temples. This brush is made of a soft, optimized mix of natural and synthetic fibers.

Studio 945 Contour

Softly rounded dome tip can be used on the face to apply, blend, or contour powder products.

Studio 942 Slanted Contour

The angled bristles offer precise application to the cheeks to shape and structure your face.

Studio 944 Tapered Contour

Apply powder, blush, or highlighter onto the upper contours of the face for a glowing complexion. Simply roll the brush into color and tap away excess. Sweep in a circular motion onto desired area and blend for a flawless look. This brush is made of a soft, optimized mix of natural and synthetic fibers.

Studio 953 Duet Fiber Foundation

The short, flat domed shape provides easy & precise application of foundations, creams, powder products & emulsions. Ideally used with cream foundation.

Studio 955 Duet Fiber Finishing

Designed for lightweight application & blending of face powder. Having 2 levels of bristles provides the versatility of being able to layer product beautifully onto your skin.

Studio 985 Duet Fiber Powder

For lightweight powder application. This Duet Fiber Powder brush is tapered for flawless application.

Studio 958 Duet Fiber Powder Blending

Full large powder brush used for lightweight application and blending powder or pigments. It creates soft layers or to add textures.

Studio 787 Duet Fiber Large Tapered Blending

For controlled lightweight application. Works well with mineral pigment.

Studio 965 Duet Fiber Blusher

Ideally used for lightweight blusher application. This Duet Fiber Blusher brush is tapered for flawless application. Used to highlight & contour.

Studio 964 All Purpose Blusher

A truly all-purpose brush designed for blush or face powder. The rounded head creates optimum control during application and assists in the contouring of powder products such as blushes, pressed powders, loose powders and hybrid foundations.

Studio 925 Duet Fiber Fan

Ideally used to lightly apply or blend powders, the Duet Fiber Fan brush is a flat, fan-shaped brush that can also help to brush off any excess product.

Studio 777 Shadow

A multi-purpose brush that can be used to shade the eye crease, line around the edges, cover the lower lid and highlight the brow bone.

Studio 778 Large Shadow

Designed to apply shadow to the entire lid evenly & smoothly. Use for applying, blending, and highlighting powder-based products.

Studio 766 Angled Shadow

Soft and smooth angled fibers ideal for applying shadow to the crease and corners of the eye. Great for adding color to the contours of the face.

Studio 781 Crease

Created for eye crease work and use with contrasting colors.

Studio 776 Blending

Perfect for shading and blending powder or cream products. Effectively diffuses lines to create a professional appearance.

Studio 785 Tapered Blending

This brush has a unique shape that is ideal for applying shadow along the crease of the eye to add depth.

Studio 772 Small Shader

Great for powder, concealer and any emollient-based product application. For precise and quick shading, evenly sweep shadow across the eyelid.

Studio 773 Shading Blender

Shade or blend cream or powder products onto the eyelid. This soft, firm bristle brush is wonderfully versatile: use it to accentuate color on the eyelids or even touch up foundation.

Studio 769 Angled Contour

Sharp angled brush for contouring. Create precise color accents & highlights on the inner & outer corners of the eye.

Studio 765 Small Angled Shader

Angled tip brush for professional eye shadow application and blending.

Studio 755 Smudge

Use this brush to smudge your shadow for a soft smoky look.

Studio 758 Large Smudge

Create the perfect smoky eye look with this brush. The short round dome shaped head is perfect to use for shadowing and smudging around the lash line

Studio 740 Sponge Applicator

Soft, long lasting foam tip delivers pristine application for powder, liquid and cream products.

Studio 780 Pencil

Pencil-shaped tip allows for precise shading on the eyelid, eye crease and lash line.

Studio 716 Smoky Eyeliner

Achieve the smoky eye look in one stroke by creating a thick line around the eyes.

Studio 708 Bent Eyeliner

Don't let your hands & fingers get in the way of achieving precise application. The Bent Eyeliner lines your eyelashes flawlessly. The slanted ferrule and pointed tip allows for a smooth clear cut line application.

Studio 710 Eye Liner

Extra-fine narrow pointed brush to line the eyes. Use with wet liner.

Studio 706 Fine Point Eyeliner

Creates ultra-fine detail and lining. The smooth, synthetic fibers of this brush give you the precision you need for lining the eyes or other fine detail work.

Studio 762 Small Angle

The tapered point angles perfectly to work along the lash lines and creates a natural-looking curve.

Studio 714 Flat Eye Definer

Firm, flat shaped brush used to line and define eyes with color.

Studio 760 Liner/Brow

Ideal for precise work on the eye & brow. Blur lines drawn by eyebrow or eyeliner pencils to create a flawless blend.

Studio 764 Bold Angled Brow

This Bold Angled Brow has wider and firmer bristles designed for filling in brows and applying colors with ease.

Studio 763 Angled Brow

This angled brush has both natural & synthetic bristles which have been carefully arranged to form a perfect angle to help define your facial features.

Studio 725 Double End Metal Comb/Lash

Metal comb and spooley used to groom and prep up eyelashes.

Studio 722 Comb/Brow

2-in-1 brush and comb brow combo can be used to groom, smooth and prep up brows & eyelashes.

Studio 733 Lash

Use for applying mascara products and separating lashes.

Studio 540 Precision Liner

Flat, firm bristles converge into a tapered tip. Ideal for lipstick & lipstick liner application.

Studio 557 Swivel Lip

Evenly apply any formula of lip color. Swivel Lip brush has a firm tapered tip to precisely define the contours of the lip.

Studio 729 Duet Fiber Bent Mascara Fan

The bent angle will allow for a clean application while the duel fiber bristles minimize both clumping and smudging of mascara. Great for applying to the root of your lashes, unreachable by the mascara brush.

Studio 994 Slanted Kabuki

For use with mineral powder foundation, this angled kabuki brush effectively applies maximum coverage over the contours of the face. The slanted dome creates a precise medium for application on the face.

Studio 995 Kabuki

Offers full coverage for a wide range of makeup. Fully rounded and dome-shaped this brush is made up of a mixture of high quality goat hair and synthetic fibers. The short-handled brush allows for a more controlled application.

Studio 993 Flat Top Kabuki

For use with powder, cream and liquid foundations. The Flat Top Kabuki brush has a flawless coverage & application. With the flat dome & synthetic fibers, it is ideally used for buffing your liquid products.

Studio 949 Pointed Foundation

Crafted specifically for the hard to reach curves on the face, this pointed brush is perfect for both foundation and concealing. The pointed tip provides precise application around the eyes, nose and cheek bones.

Studio 948.1 Slanted Foundation

Designed for precise application of foundation and a flawless finish. This carefully crafted brush can be used to distribute and blend foundation for beautiful coverage. The angle allows this brush to smoothly apply foundation in difficult-to-navigate areas.

Studio 991.5 Highlighting Fan

The 991.5 Highlighting Fan Brush is the perfect tool to lightly apply highlights to give off that shimmery effect and even translucent powder to set your makeup. The bristles are so soft that all you need to do is gently sweep the product over your face. The perfect tool to apply highlights or translucent powder. Bristles are made from vegan synthetic fibers. Brush name (991.5 Highlighting Fan) is written on the side of the handle. Ferrules are made from anodized aluminum. Professional, full-sized handle. Length: 7.7 inches (19.5 cm)

SFX 761 Tight Liner

Details matter. That is why we designed the 761 Tight Liner Brush for the most precise applications on even the smallest areas of your eyes. This brush is so small and compact, it is the best tool to define your lash line with gel liner or eye shadow. Small and compact brush for the most precise application around your eyes. Bristles are made from all synthetic and vegan fibers. Brush name (761 Tight Liner) is written on the side of the handle. Ferrules are made from anodized aluminum. Professional, full-sized handle. Length: 6.1 inches (15.5 cm)

Studio 718 Tiny Pencil

The 718 Tiny Pencil Brush is indeed tiny. This brush is designed for all kinds of detailed application around your eyes. Whether you are applying liner, highlights or shadow on the inner and outer corners of your eyes, or even your crease, you can use both powder and creamy products with this brush. Tiny brush to build up details around your eyes. Bristles are made from natural and synthetic mixed fibers. Brush name (718 Tiny Pencil) is written on the side of the handle. Ferrules are made from anodized aluminum. Professional, full-sized handle. Length: 6.1 inches (15.5 cm)

Studio 943 Face Shading

The 943 Face Shading Brush is an amazing brush that will help you create a look with the perfect finish. The densely packed bristles can help pick up the product to sculpt, shade, contour, buff, and blend in all the right places for that beautiful, professional look. Densely packed bristles help with contour, buff, shade, and blend. Bristles are made from natural and synthetic mixed fibers. Brush name (943 Face Shading) is written on the side of the handle. Ferrules are made from anodized aluminum. Professional, full-sized handle. Length: 7.1 inches (18.0 cm)

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