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Find all the tried and true products that are used by our very own Vancouver community! 

Whether you're needing makeup for your Drag Debut, or you're simply looking for some rainbow colors to show your support as an ally. 

This page is dedicated to helping you find the right products for you!

Ben Nye Creme Stick Foundations

Ben Nye Creme Stick Foundation is a full coverage creamy foundation. Used mainly for Theatre/ Stage makeup for it's high pigmentation under the bright lights.

Clown White

$7.00 to $28.00
Professionals prefer Clown White's supple texture and bright white finish. Highly pigmented formula covers instantly and blends smoothly for long-wear

Clown White Lite

$24.00 to $36.00
Clown White Lite's creamy, bright white formula is ideal for performers who prefer a lighter texture. Professionals who use our Lite formula say it holds up to wrinkles and remains durable under hot, humid conditions.

Kryolan TV Paint Stick

$31.00 to $36.00
Successfully proven cream make-up in stick form. The special base of TV Paint Stick allows a gentle make-up application that provides effective covering at the same time.

Magic+Ecstacy palette

Suva Beauty has done it again! With the new Magic+Ecstacy palette! What is it? Step into the world of MAGIC + ECSTASY - a 12 shade pressed pigment palette rich with curious colors and charming textures. What does it do? Dive straight into the moody matte pigments or amplify the feeling with ultra multi-reflective pressed glitters. Fall into a trance, run wild, let your creative ego take control! Key Features: ・Soft matte pressed pigments ・Multi-reflective pressed glitters ・Mirror in palette

We Make Rainbows Jealous - Shadow Palette

From Suva Beauty! Transport yourself to a color creative’s paradise. The We Make Rainbows Jealous Palette delivers an intense ROYGBIV spectrum to complement every skin tone! Get lost in beautiful blending and high pigmentation, PLUS, add a little rainbow magic to your looks with the multi-dimensional Rainbow Topper!

Art Harding Face Lifts

Used by plastic surgeons to preview facelifts, by models and actresses to smooth and define, and by makeup artists to bring out the best before the camera, the Instant Face and Neck Lift was designed for you but remains a professional favorite.

Art Harding Refill Tapes

Includes: 10 sets of tape refills for the Art Harding Instant Face Lift Kits.

Ben Nye Sparklers Glitter

$9.00 to $21.00
Apply to face, body and hair. Set Sparklers into crème makeup or lips. Spray LiquiSet to Skin and lightly dust on glitter for a delicate, sparkle finish.

Body Gems

$15.75 to $18.00
Sparkling Rhinestone gems available in 4 different colours. Red, Blue, Green and Crystal. Self Adhesive

TOPPERS palette

Re-introducing TOPPERS from the Hyper Color Palette! ・Apply Flip Topper Pigments with fingers for a dewy glossy finish ・Apply with a brush for a glittery finish This palette is a StudioF/X staff favorite!


Suva Beauty's new UV PRIMARIES palette. 5 HydraFX liners, including all the primary colors you need to mix any color under the rainbow! PRO TIP: Hydra FX liners from SUVA are AIRBRUSH FRIENDLY!


What is it? The long awaited Hydra FX Palettes are here! UV TAFFIES and UV BRIGHTS mark SUVA Beauty’s first expansion into multi-shade cake liner palettes. UV Taffies Hydra FX Palette includes SUVA Beauty’s signature fine liner brush and 5 NEW neon pastel blacklight / UV glow shades: Mini Monster, Cuddle Cake, Silly Billy, Bubble Butt and Smarty Pants.

Rainbow Color Wheel

The Rainbow Color Wheel provides rich pigmentation and versatile application. Great to use for face painting, clown makeup, or any character makeup.

Ben Nye Face Powders

$12.00 to $39.00
Soft and light Powders are naturally matte and durably set creme makeups. Apply to cheeks and eyes before Rouges, Shadows and Lumiere Grande Colours for smooth, even application.

Ben Nye Luxury Powders

$22.00 to $36.00
Ben Nye Bella & Mojave Luxury Powders (includes the top seller Ben Nye Banana Powder and Rose Petal Powder)  provide superior matte and subtle finishing with silky-fine textures in a wide variety of natural skin tones. The No Color Luxury Powder is the equivalent to RCMA's No Color Powder, which blends seamlessly into makeup without any chalky residue.

Ben Nye Velour Powder Puffs

$4.50 to $45.00
Soft, luxurious, double-sided velour puff for powder application. Washable.   Available in Single Lot, and Dozen Pack.

Nose & Scar Wax

$9.75 to $29.00
Now in three improved shades! Modeling wax is pliable, yet firm. Apply to alter facial features, such as a broken nose, extended chin or nose, bullet holes and wounds. Wax colors are translucent to resemble skin.

Skin Prep

• Extends Makeup Wear • Advanced Moisture Barrier • Great for all skin types • Trusted Ingredients Made in the USA SKIN Prep PRO™ is a clear, fragrance-free liquid for use on all skin types prior to makeup application. Developed and used by industry professionals, it allows makeup to last longer under stressful conditions. During an active day, SKIN Prep PRO™ acts as a moisture barrier between the skin and your makeup to maintain that sought after fresh finish. Even under the most extreme conditions, your skin feels fresh and continues to look great hour after hour.

Final Seal Matte Sealer

$14.00 to $71.00
Apply this matte, alcohol-based makeup sealer over any completed makeup for a smudge and water-resistant finish. Final Seal keeps makeup in place even on performers who perspire heavily.

Fixing Spray

$23.00 to $120.00
Fixing Spray is a special cosmetic preparation for application over make-up. It creates an invisible protective film, which prolongs the life of the make-up and its effects. Fixing Spray is particularly effective for body painting with Aquacolor and with other wet make-up preparations.

Fixing Spray Aerosol

$17.00 to $47.00
Fixing Spray from Kryolan Professional Make-up is a special cosmetic setting spray for application over make-up. It creates an invisible protective film, which prolongs the life of the make-up and its effects.

Duo Brush On Eyelash Adhesive (Latex Free)

The Brush On adhesive comes with an ultra-thin brush for precise, quick application of both strip and individual lashes for all-day wear. This latex-free formula is safe for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes. Lashes have never been easier.

Kryolan TV Spirit Gum

TV Spirit Gum is a make-up artist’s adhesive, especially for adhering hair, beards, and wigs. The special mixture of natural resins of TV Spirit Gum means that, after it dries, it appears more matt and more natural on the skin than does normal Spirit Gum.


$25.00 to $116.00
PLEASE NOTE : FREEZING WARNING IN EFFECT: Pros-Aide products being shipped during cold weather months have the potential to freeze and turn solid. To help avoid this from happening we suggest next day shipping service from approximately November thru April. However ordering during the cold weather months is at your own risk. Studio F/X will not be responsible for products that have been ruined due to freezing during shipment. Pros-Aide, the “original” water-based adhesive for the skin. It adheres for long periods without irritation. Pros-Aide® is the leading adhesive used for medical prosthetic applications. Pros-Aide® is the standard in the industry for adhering appliances and other make-up components to skin. It is safe to use on all skin including sensitive areas. It gives a strong bond and has high water resistance. It is non-toxic and completely safe.

Pros-Aide Cream

$9.75 to $67.00
PLEASE NOTE : FREEZING WARNING IN EFFECT: Pros-Aide products being shipped during cold weather months have the potential to freeze and turn solid. To help avoid this from happening we suggest next day shipping service from approximately November thru April. However ordering during the cold weather months is at your own risk. Studio F/X will not be responsible for products that have been ruined due to freezing during shipment. Prosaide Cream, A thick Pros-Aide® adhesive excellent for filling in seams or gaps in appliances and also great for repairs. It does not contain any artificial fillers to make it thick yet has the properties of Pros-Aide® at heavy viscosity.

Pros-Aide Remover

$12.00 to $33.00
A special remover/cleanser for Pros-Aide® and PAX paint. It is formulated from ingredients that allow for safe removal of Pros-Aide®, PAX Paint and other make-up from the skin.

Spirit Gum Adhesive

$5.25 to $74.80
This sticky adhesive dries to a matte finish and keeps prosthetic appliances, lace, beards and hair pieces firmly in place.

Eyebrow Design Kit

The Eyebrow Design Kit contains all necessary products to block away eyebrows. In the first step eyebrows are flattend using Hydro Gum, followed by the application of F/X Wax and then sealed with the included Sealer.


UV BRIGHTS and UV TAFFIES mark SUVA Beauty’s first expansion into multi-shade cake liner palettes. UV Brights Hydra FX Palette includes SUVA Beauty’s signature fine liner brush and 5 NEW neon blacklight / UV glow shades: Weirdough, Avocuddle, Nacho Problem, Thunder Wear, Smoosh.

Corrector Wheel

$24.00 to $39.00
Corrector wheel can easily camouflage under-eye circles, redness, tattoo and vitiligo. Use the colors prior to concealers or foundation to help neutralize and even out the skin. The MediaPRO formula provides a flawless natural finish that requires little powder.

Studio Color - Blush+Contour Palette

*NEW 2019* BEN NYE STUDIO COLOR BLUSH+CONTOUR PALETTE The Blush & Contours Studio Palette contains six blush, three highlights and three contours, including: Ultra Light Palest Pink Banana Blushing Bride Guava Blush Carnation Island Coral Raspberry Real Red Neutral Medium Dark Brown

Studio Color - Classy Chic Eye & Cheek Palette

The Studio Color Classy Chic Eye + Cheek includes two Lumiere Eye Shadow shades that are highly pigmented and pearlescent, five Ben Nye pressed eye shadows and five pressed powder blushes. Enhance and define the eye with smooth, silky shadows, while offering a matte finished flush to your client. Give your look that classy, yet stylish look with these neutral shadows and soft, youthful blushes. Build and blend, or leave as is. Intense color payoff is packaged within this sleek palette with a clear lid for easier access and visual. Save time in your appointments and room in your kit.

Lower Eyelashes

They are a must have accessory that will enhance your look while intensifying and adding depth to your eyes. Great for special events, parties, photo shoots, or just for an everyday look.

Show Biz Eyelashes

The wow effect for every look. The deep black XXL lashes are the high heels under the false lashes. Showgirl Eyelashes are 100% handmade. Type: Full lashes, extra long hairs, Doll-Eye-Cut Form: Ellipsed Curve Material: Synthetic hair

ShowBizz Lash - Metallic Gold

SHOW BIZZ - GOLD Dense eyelashes with a dramatic change in length between metallic gold threads offer an exciting dynamic to highlighting the beauty of your eyes. 100% handmade.

Cosmic - Pressed Glitter

Cosmic is a holographic lilac

Dark Matter - Pressed Glitter

Dark Matter is a holographic gunmetal

Eclipse - Pressed Glitter

Eclipse is a holographic gold

Golden Hour - Pressed Glitter

Golden Hour is a coral rose pink color shifting glitter that shifts iridescent green

Illusion - Pressed Glitter

Illusion is a holographic green gold

InterStellar - Pressed Glitter

Interstellar is an intense hot pink

Light Year - Pressed Glitter

Light Year is a holographic yellow gold

Mercury - Pressed Glitter

Mercury is a holographic yellow gold

Meteor - Pressed Glitter

Meteor is a foiled brown

Moonlight - Pressed Glitter

Moonlight is a holographic silver

Mythical - Pressed Glitter

Mythical is a holographic parrot green

Nebula - Pressed Glitter

Nebula is a holographic soft baby pink

Outer Space - Pressed Glitter

Outer Space is a holographic black

Renegade - Pressed Glitter

Renegade is a bright royal blue

SkyFall - Pressed Glitter

Skyfall is a holographic sky blue

Sunset - Pressed Glitter

Sunset is a holographic peach pink

Super Nova - Pressed Glitter

Supernova is a foiled rose gold pressed glitter

Venus - Pressed Glitter

Venus is a holographic coral

Color Hairspray

Color Hairspray is an effectively covering spray for hair effects and wigs. The wide selection of colors from intensive and vivid colors is outstandingly suited for highly imaginative creations.

Glitter Hairspray

Glitter Hairspray with fine glitter particles produces a bewitching brilliance. Glitter Spray can also be sprayed over other colors. It can be washed off and washed out.

Ben Nye Lumiere Luxe Powders

Dust Luxe Powder over bare skin or apply over finished makeup for striking luminescence. For total “liquid color” coverage, blend with LiquiSet or Final Seal for smudge-proof durability on face or body.

Glitz It Glitter Gel

Iridescent Opal Ice glitter is suspended in an invisible gel that quickly dries to a matte finish. Great for all over sparkling effects on face, hair and body.

Ben Nye Classic Lip Pencils

Ben Nye Classic Lip Pencils are well suited for traditional theatrical staging. Formulated in a rich, creamy texture which offers excellent coverage to outline or color the lips.

Ben Nye LipSticks

Beny Nye's creamy lipsticks come in a vast selection of over 40 shades that give artists limitless opportunities to combine and create custom shades. These velvety lipsticks offer a semi-matte finish to the lips.

Paradise Cake Makeup

Water activated face and body paint makeup that is highly pigmented and enriched with vitamins and skin smoothing ingredients. Washes off with soap and water. Do not use red, yellow or orange in the area of the eye. Do not use Blue or green on the lips. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Not recommended for use on children under 3 years of age.

Aquacolor Palette 6 Color

Aquacolor is a glycerin-based compact make-up, especially color-intensive, with the ingredients of superior-quality skin cream preparations. Aquacolor is universally applicable, primarily as a make-up for face and body painting.

SUVA Hydra Liners

The SUVA Beauty Hydra Liners are perfect for delivering intense colour to the lash line or for creating face and body art. The formula delivers a punch of solid opaque colour along with being smudge-proof and transfer resistant.

OPAKES - After Gloss

Use AFTER GLOSS clear eye and lip gloss as a topper, highlighter, or mixing medium. Use it for eyes, lips, cheeks, or anywhere you need a little extra gloss. This high-performing formula was made to pair beautifully (and transform) the application of SUVA Beauty’s OPAKES Cosmetic Paints. Key Features: ・Ultra shine ・Non-sticky ・Comfortable Total Net Weight: 9.5g/0.32oz. How to Use: Use a brush or your fingers to apply AFTER GLOSS to the lips, eyes, or cheeks for that finishing touch! Take it up a notch and mix AFTER GLOSS with SUVA Beauty’s OPAKES for a high-shine finish

Make it UV

Business in daylight, party in blacklight! Make It UV Hydra FX takes your liner looks from the office straight to the dance floor. Use this "transparent" formula solo for a surprising blacklight transformation, or mix it with your favorite SUVA Hydra Liners to MAKE IT UV! Whether you’re playing laser tag, going mini-golfing, or raving at a concert, you'll glow anywhere there’s blacklight!. It’s smudge-proof and transfer resistant!

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