Sexy Devil Makeup Tutorial

Using Tinsley FX Transfer's , we'll share an easy to do Sexy Devil makeup look.




Create this Sexy Devil look with the following products

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Evil Brow (Vampire)

Evil Brow normally associates with a vampire but it also works amazing with any evil or angry character.

Devil Horns

With Tinsley Transfers Devil Horns, you can get the ultra realistic devil look in minutes with the simplest applying process.

Death F/X Color Wheel

All the death colors are conveniently in one wheel to re-create rotted flesh, or no color to the skin for any character makeup for example Zombies, Vampires, corpses and so on.

Old Character F/X Color Wheel

Complete any old age character makeup using this wheel to re-create broken capillaries, fine lines, age spots, etc. Great to use for theatre and on film.

Red Mini Sclera

These Red Mini Sclera Lenses from Primal make your eyes look larger than they are. Smaller than traditional SCLERA contacts, they still give a very dramatic effect. These lenses are plain red, with a pupil hole for vision.

Stage Blood

$7.00 to $62.00
Authentic, vivid arterial coloring in a medium viscosity. Corn syrup based, peppermint flavor is safe for use in the mouth. Washes from most fabrics and surfaces. Test before use.

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