Pros-Aide Adhesive


PLEASE NOTE : Pros-aide products (Including Mel Gel) and products containing latex being shipped during cold weather months have the potential to freeze and turn solid.

To help avoid this from happening we suggest next day shipping service from approximately November thru April. However ordering during the cold weather months is at your own risk. Studio F/X will not be responsible for products that have been ruined due to freezing during shipment. 

Prosaide Cream, A thick Pros-Aide® adhesive excellent for filling in seams or gaps in appliances and also great for repairs.

Pros-Aide® Cream adhesive does not contain any artificial fillers to make it thick yet has the properties of Pros-Aide® at heavy viscosity.

Pros-Aide® Cream adhesive can be easily colored to make thick PAX Paint ™ for use as a filler.

Pros-Aide® Cream can also be used to create scars or textures in molds or directly on the skin.
Available in a 6oz jar.
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