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Premiere Products, Green Marble SēLr offers a subtle approach to aging. To achieve the desired affect, the finished product will require a translucent and equally subtle paint. TheSkin Illustrator color systems provide the perfect compliment.

To mix the Green Marble SēLr into an ager, you musthave Green Marble SēLr concentrate and attagel (attagel is a clay powder used for facial masks). Ratios vary between 1 parts attagel, to 3-6 parts SēLr concentrate (by volume). The ager does not work with the SPRAY Green Marble SēLr.


A 1 oz. attagel to 4 oz. GM Concentrate ratio still works well as a fine-line wrinkler when used lightly. This formula also works well for lighter applications, when only a texture change is desirable. Without affecting large wrinkles, this formula changes the texture of the skin, which is excellent for subtle, close-up aging. The application technique is the same idea as stretch and stipple.*(see note below).

Variables include:

  • Desired effect
  • Specific area of face
  • Elasticity of subject’s skin
  • Application method: foam sponge latex vs. brush

With these variables in mind, alter your formula ratios for different areas of your subject’s face in order to customize desired features. This technique may be utilized for the back of your subject’s hands as well.

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