Frostbite Makeup Tutorial

Create a realistic frostbite look! 

Using a simple latex stipple technique we will share how to make a frostbite burn (also doubles a 3rd degree heat burn). We'll also share how to paint, apply a lace beard and add ice.




Create this Frostbite look with the following products

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Ice Effects Kit

Versatile effect make-up set for all snow and frost effects. For stage, show and 4K/8K technology. The components included in the kit are Ice Crystals small & large, Snow, and the Gel GF-QAT N Soft that enable the user to achieve countless effects. Snow and Ice Crystals in small & large can be reliably fixed with the gel, for extra durability we recommend the use of Silicone Adhesive NEO (not included). Details: 4 products

Liquid Latex

$9.75 to $67.00
Ben Nye Liquid Latex

Ben Nye Face Powders

$12.00 to $39.00
Soft and light Powders are naturally matte and durably set creme makeups. Apply to cheeks and eyes before Rouges, Shadows and Lumiere Grande Colours for smooth, even application.

Master Bruise F/X Color Wheel

The best colors from the two wheels (CK-1 Bruises & CK-3 Cuts & Bruises) are conveniently in one master wheel. Re-create fresh bruises to deeper ones, also re-create minor cuts and old bruising. Reds, purples and violets are designed in Ben Nye's Ultimate F/X Formula. All can be layered for intensity and thinned with alcohol to create a translucent wash. Blood shades are great to simulate various subtle injuries (fresh or healing).

Red White & Black F/X Color Wheel

$17.00 to $33.00
Intense pigmentation in a smooth creme formula provide consistent application, blending, versatility and durability. Set with Neutral Set Colorless Powder.

Stainless Steel Bowl

Stainless steel mixing bowl is great to use for combining airbrush paints, body paint colors, and so on. Easy to clean and reusable. Available in a 2 oz cup size.

Single Blade Spatula

Made out of stainless steel. Great for picking up makeup hygienically, As well as mixing products on a palette. Can be easily sanitized. A great addition to any working artist's kit.

Spirit Gum Adhesive

$5.25 to $74.80
This sticky adhesive dries to a matte finish and keeps prosthetic appliances, lace, beards and hair pieces firmly in place.

Icicle Gel

$31.50 to $46.00
A lightly shimmering blue gel used to simulate frost and ice in beards and moustaches. Apply wet and dry on the cool setting) with a hair dryer. Removes with soap and water. Tip: Mix the iridescent blue gel and the clear gel together before application. Available in 100 and 200 ml containers

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