European Body Art
Epic DAT Airbrush gun is a top feed, high paint flow, high detail dual action, internal mix airbrush. It is equipped with an exclusive trigger mechanism consisting of one piece. The new and innovative one piece trigger mechanism eliminates issues caused by the standard hinge operated triggers, which tend to break easily and require extended time to assemble and disassemble.
The nozzle cap comes in a new and innovative shape called The Crown. This protects the needle, but also prevents paint from adhering to the inside of the cap (which is the reason the airbrush gun clogs). the crown needle cap allows increased control over detail and can be removed for an even finer detailed performance.
Epic DAT Airbrush's cutaway handle is a special feature allowing for fast, clog free action, without having to remove the handle and needle.
  • Double action gravity feed
  • High detail 0.5mm airbrush
  • Allows efficient color exchange
  • Includes 6ft hose
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