European Body Art
Epic DAB Airbrush is a bottom fee, high-paint flow, high-detail double action, internal mix airbrush. It is equipped with an exclusive trigger mechanism consisting of one piece only. No more hinges, loose parts or extra time spent assembling and disassembling the trigger mechanism.
The nozzle cap comes in a new and innovative shape, The Crown, this protects the needle and prevents paint from adhering and clogging to the inside of the cap . Another option, the crown needle cap can be removed at any time to allow for extra fine hair line detail when required.
Epic DAB Airbrush cutaway handle is a special feature that allows fast, clog free painting with out the removal of the handle and the needle.
The EBA Epic DAB is a 0.5mm airbrush, excellent for all purpose airbrush.
Included in kit:
  •  1oz bottle, bottle top and bottle adaptor
  • 6 ft air hose
  • Epic DAB Airbrush Gun
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