Encore Alcohol Palettes

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Fuel - Alcohol Palette Activator

$8.00 to $17.00
EBA’s Fuel-Activator effectively activates Encore palettes while containing a reduced amount of alcohol content when compared to standard activators. Its unique formula incorporates alcohol-free ingredients allowing for makeup application in more skin sensitive areas.

Undead Palette

Encore Undead palette is great to use for character makeups or mixing it with the other Encore palettes to create other colors.

Neill Gorton Old Age Palette

ENCORE AGED palette allows me to add differing levels of age, ethnicity, sun damage or just make someone down right grubby looking. With the flexibility of the Encore system, I can switch a colour at any time to compliment the demands of my characters' make up". - Neill Gorton

Bruce Fuller Autopsy Palette

Bruce Fuller created a palette of colors to represent what becomes of flesh and tissue after the life spark has left. From the waxy yellowness of the skin, to blood pooling and coagulating, to the color of internal organs – all in one place – one palette.

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