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Trolls – Dyecuts Press On Nails

What is it?
Ain't nobody got time for nail appointments! Dyecuts Press On Nails are comfortable, easy to apply, and quality-made to save you from those ratchet looking nail days.

Why Dyecuts?
Have vibrant, stunning, and long-lasting nails in under 10 minutes. Dyecuts will have you Insta-ready for your one night out or for that week-long getaway. Reshape, reuse or repaint the nails to your desire!

Note: Dyecuts Press On Nails have itty bitty numbers on the back for sizing purposes - easily remember your numbers for your next set!

Key Features:
・Quick and easy application and removal
・Comfortable and strong
・Customizable (reshape, reuse and/or repaint)
・Long-lasting - if desired ;)

Trolls: medium-length, stiletto shape, mixed color (select colors are UV reactive!)

Set includes: 24 nails, extra-hold nail glue, and a mini file

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