Demons & Devils

Big Horns

Set of pre-painted latex prosthetic black horns to help create bring any character makeup to life. Please note use cotton balls to fill the latex horns to help keep their shape.

Black Mini Sclera

$48.00 $38.00
Black Mini Sclera lenses Contains 2 contact lenses per box.

Contagion II

$48.00 $38.00
CONTAGION II Halloween contact lenses features an opaque red iris with black splatter at the center of the lens. The transparent pupil allows for easy vision.

Demon Horns Bone

A lightweight pre-painted latex horns great add-on for any character makeup.

Dental Distortions - Dead Fred

Fx Teeth From Dental Distortions!

Dental Distortions - Grimm

Fx Teeth From Dental Distortions!


Engraved Special FX Make-Up Wound Transfers apply with only water and stay on all night. Created by Hollywood FX artists to be the most realistic wound FX on the market.

Extreme Lashes - Red and Black

Eyemimo False Eyelashes. Extreme and bold. These black and red lashes are sure to take your look to the next level! Lash adhesive not included.

Foothills Fangs - Custom Dracula Fangs - Medium Size

The Original! Custom Designer Dracula Fangs are loved by, party-goers and actors worldwide because of their natural look and secure fit that enables them to talk easily and naturally, as well as drink cold beverages!

Jurassic Horns

Jurassic Horns Follow along Tinsley Tranfers tutorials on YouTube! 3D FX Transfers, the revolutionary new prosthetic. This technology garnered Tinsley Transfers an Academy Award for Technical Achievement. Easy to apply, self blending, no need for any glues or messy adhesives and looks absolutely real. Compliment the 3D FX Transfers with our Trauma Tattoo FX.

MagiCake Aqua Paints

MagiCakes produce exquisite color for fantasy, face and body paint. Mix with water or LiquiSet for added durability. Apply with flat brush for detail or Hydra Sponge for all over color.

Professional Creme Series

The Pro Creme Series is an exceptional value for performers who want quality at an economical price.

Red Mini Sclera

$48.00 $38.00
These Red Mini Sclera Lenses from Primal make your eyes look larger than they are. Smaller than traditional SCLERA contacts, they still give a very dramatic effect. These lenses are plain red, with a pupil hole for vision.

Red White & Black F/X Color Wheel

$21.00 to $36.00
Intense pigmentation in a smooth creme formula provide consistent application, blending, versatility and durability. Set with Neutral Set Colorless Powder.


$48.00 $38.00
Don't just be a Saiyan! Be Super Saiyan! The bright blue mesh pupil creates the ultimate Dragon Ball anime eye. Conquer the universe with an opaque gradient of blues, fully covered pupil and iris. Defeat bad cosplay by wearing SAIYAN! Technical Information Item no.: 970 Iris Effect:Opaque Color: 2 tones Opacity Level: 100% with a mesh over the pupil Occasion: Parties & Events (partial vision) Refractive Power: Plano Sizing/Fitting: Diameter 15.0 mm / Base Curve 9.2 mm (mini sclera) Packaging: 2 lenses per box Usage/Wear: 5 years shelf life / 90 days usage Material: 62% Polymacon / 38% Water GTIN-12 (UPC) : 628153229705

Scarecrow Classic Custom Fangs

Scarecrow fangs are truly the most realistic, custom fit fangs on the planet. Each kit comes with everything you need to customize your fangs for years of use! Once they are customized they simply pop in and out with no messy glues or adhesives!


$48.00 $38.00
Primal Cosmetic Contact lenses are an advanced hydrophilic made of polymacon. This allows more oxygen to pass thru the lens to the cornea, more resistant to protein deposits, less drying, less risk of infection, easier handling and lower cases of complications with extended use.


$48.00 $38.00
SUCCUBUS features clouds of purple on a lilac background, with a dark outer ring and transparent pupil. SUCCUBUS makes the perfect accessory to cosplay a Sorceress look. Invoke the ancient witches and cast spells over the lands.

Universal Horns

A lightweight latex horn prosthetics a great add-on to any character makeup. Tip: Add cotton balls inside the horn prosthetics. This will help hold the shape of the prosthetic.


$48.00 $38.00
VILLAIN contact lenses features a very opaque gradient of bright yellow at the center that blends in with an orange hue and dark ring at the edge of the lens. Perfect for cosplaying The Witcher.


$48.00 $38.00
EMBRYO lens design features a light pink background with a red vein effect overlay, which illuminates the design. The pupil is fully hidden under a see-through mesh.

Little Horns - Black Label Latex

Get a little wicked with these professionally sculpted Little Horns by Black Label Latex! Incredibly realistic and easy to apply. A latex appliance worth wearing!

Demon Horns - Black Label Latex

Contains 2 professionally sculpted Black Label Latex horns. Adhesive and remover not included.

Large Devil Horns - Black Label Latex

Contains 2 professionally sculpted Black Label Large Devil horns. Adhesive and remover not included.

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