Ben Nye
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Two distinctly different, yet comprehensive collections in kit-friendly refillable palettes. Recently reformulated, the Pearl Sheen shadows are now more brilliant and lustrous than ever. With new contemporary colors that are sure to become favorites, anything is possible.

Whether you are looking to soften a look with the rich shades of the Neutral Palette, or go bold with the bright, vivid colors of the Dynamic Palette, these palettes provide endless options for the artist.

Neutral PSP-01 (14 Colors) Shades:
PSR-301 Moonlight, PSR-15 Gold, PSR-16 White Gold, PSR-312 Umber Glow, PSR-21 Charcoal, PSR-380 Electric Eel, PSR-303 Sandstorm, PSR-310 Sun Goddess, PSR-14, Copper, PSR-385 Galaxy Dust, PSR-18 Bronze, PSR-9 Rose, PSR-19 Silver Grey, PSR-395 Night Club

Dynamic PSP-02 (14Colors) Shades:
PSR-1 White, PSR-13 Walnut, PSR-20 Sea Blue, PSR-12 Mango, PSR-330 Lilac Fizz, PSR-5 Ultra Violet, PSR-340 Green Envy, PSR-320 Sizzleberry, PSR-360 Deep Cove,
PSR-350 Tahitian Teal, PSR-6 Sapphire, PSR-315 Hot Mango, PSR-325 Naughty Berry, PSR-395 Night Club

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