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Ben Nye Latex Bald Cap

The Ben Nye Bald Cap is a CLEAR colored latex cap. It is used to create a "Bald" look for a character. Widely used for Theatre, Film and Opera. It can be used for life casting, as a foundation for a ventilated hair piece (wig) or other kinds of prosthetics to protect the actors hair.   One size fits All.

Ben Nye Crepe Wool Hair

Create facial hair and more with this wool fiber, a standard in the industry. One-yard length is enough to lay several moderate beards. Mixing a few colors together will give it a more natural look.

Liquid Hair Colors

$12.00 to $46.00
Apply with a toothbrush, and style easily without stiffness. Avoid use on chemically treated hair.

Tooth Colors

Ben Nye Tooth Colors. Dry quickly and last for hours.

Ash Powder

$12.00 to $27.00
Ben Nye Ash Powder. Distress characters and weather costumes with this realistic pigment powder. Pale dust tone. Also known as Fuller's Earth.

Charcoal Powder

$12.00 to $25.00
Distress characters and weather costumes with this realistic pigment powder. Smudge on the face for a classic "grease stain". Lightly apply around a wound for powder burns. Character powders cling to skin, yet washes off easily. Test on fabric before use.

Clean Dirt

$16.00 to $44.00
Clean Dirt is great to use directly on skin or costumes for a dark, soiled effect to simulate wet dirt. Remove with soap and water. *Caution: Not for use in eyes. May stain some fabrics test before use

Clean Grease

$16.00 to $44.00
Ben Nye Clean Grease is used to apply onto skin or costumes to simulate grease from oil. Washes off with soap & water Caution: Do no apply in the eyes. May stain on some fabric, test before use.

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