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Deluxe Clown Kit

An exceptional assortment of quality creme clown makeup. Expert directions by former Ringling Bros. Clown and professional makeup artist, Keith Crary. Applications: Minimum 12-20.

Clown Kit

Professional clowns rely on these same quality components to win exceptional results and loads of smiles. Applications: Minimum 4-6.

Cat /Lion Kit

Design fetching felines with exquisite colors and detailed instructions included. Applications: Minimum 4-6.

Old Age Kit

Special creme colors and classic aging techniques produce theatrical and masquerade success with this kit.  Detailed directions for male and female characters included.  Applications: Minimum 4-6.

Witch Kit

A bewitching design with classic creme makeup and detailed directions.  Applications: Minimum 4-6.

Skeleton Kit

Create friendly or fearsome creatures with professional makeup and step-by-step directions.  Applications: Minimum 4-6.

Vampire Kit

One of the most popular kits for nearly two decades includes creme colors and expert directions for ghastly vampires. Applications: Minimum 4-6.

3-D Effects Kit

This character kit includes Hollywood quality components and step-by-step directions to allow you to create realistic bruises, lacerations, burns, gashes, broken noses and abrasions! Great for special effects beginners.  Applications: Minimum 10-15.

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