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Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist

$16.00 to $34.00
Removes bacteria and germs on powder-based products: eyeshadows, blushers, pressed powder, bronzers, cream-based products: compact foundation, concealers, cream blush/ eye shadows.

Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes

When re-applying your lipstick or gloss after dining, food particles (and their bacteria) can get into your lip product and contaminate it. Lip-glosses with wand applicators are particularly risky; after application, bacteria from the lips can be pushed deep into the base, contaminating the entire product. The moisturizing agents and oils in lipstick formulations can be the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria.

Wipe Out Brush Cleaner

$29.95 to $44.00
Professional strength antibacterial formula helps wipe out the residue and bacteria on brushes. Lightly scented, contains natural oils, the Sea Salt is an eco-friendly ingredient, acting as a natural stain remover. Wipe Out Brush Cleaner is tough on bacteria, but gentle on brushes. Fast drying, Paraben free and Cruelty Free.

Conditioning Brush Cleaner

$19.00 to $25.00
Makeup brushes are your most important tools for perfect makeup applications, but they can also be the biggest culprit in spreading germs and bacteria on your face and your makeup!

Lash So Clean

Did you know that germs & bacteria live on your false lashes? With Lash So Clean it will help clean, rejuvenates, removes glue residue & bacteria from your false lashes. It's like hand sanitizer for your false eyelashes. Safe to use on Mink or Real Hair False Lashes, but always test patch a small area first.

SuperClean Brush Cleaner

The SuperClean Brush Cleaner is an effective, deep cleaning makeup brush cleaner infused with sea salt and natural oils. Its clear, fast drying formula quickly dissolves makeup residue while leaving your brushes fresh, clean and soft. It does not leave residue on your brushes, makeup product or on the skin. Fast drying antibacterial formula Contains natural oils and sea salt Paraben free Cruelty free Fragrance free Dermatologist tested, and non-irritating Directions for use: Saturate brushes and wipe out cosmetic residue with paper towel.

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