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Blender Cleanser Solid 1oz

Blendercleanser Solid is the travel friendly alternative to the original liquid Blendercleanser. It still provides the same cleansing results for the Beautyblender Sponge and make up brushes.

Blender Cleanser

$19.00 to $50.00
Made especially for soaking out tough stains, the demineralized water and natural sea salt help to detoxify and absorb toxins. Lavender's soothing scent provides aromatherapy benefits to beautyblender®. Demineralized water and natural sea salt are earth-friendly and keep your beautyblender® - and brushes – squeaky clean!

blendercleanser® solid® pro

blendercleanser solid pro is now charcoal-infused, aiding in the removal of excess product, dirt, and oil from blenders and brushes for clean makeup application. With hints of lavender, the formula supports the integrity of the blender's exclusive material and provides the same superior cleansing results as the liquid blendercleanser. The large size makes washing multiple blenders a cinch and even includes a large silicone scrubbing pad that doubles as a platform to deep clean all of your makeup tools and as a place to dry your soap before placing it back in the canister. Quick, easy, effective and perfect for anyone on the go!

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