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Studio 740 Sponge Applicator

Soft, long lasting foam tip delivers pristine application for powder, liquid and cream products.

Studio 540 Precision Liner

Flat, firm bristles converge into a tapered tip. Ideal for lipstick & lipstick liner application.

Studio 557 Swivel Lip

Evenly apply any formula of lip color. Swivel Lip brush has a firm tapered tip to precisely define the contours of the lip.

Studio 706 Fine Point Eyeliner

Creates ultra-fine detail and lining. The smooth, synthetic fibers of this brush give you the precision you need for lining the eyes or other fine detail work.

Studio 708 Bent Eyeliner

Don't let your hands & fingers get in the way of achieving precise application. The Bent Eyeliner lines your eyelashes flawlessly. The slanted ferrule and pointed tip allows for a smooth clear cut line application.

Studio 710 Eye Liner

Extra-fine narrow pointed brush to line the eyes. Use with wet liner.

Studio 714 Flat Eye Definer

Firm, flat shaped brush used to line and define eyes with color.

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