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Studio FX proudly carries leading lines of airbrush tools and related accessories for special effects and performance artists.

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Studio Compressor

Studio Compressor will provide you with hours of reliable power to create colorful artwork using your airbrush gun.

EBA On-The-Go Kit

A portable airbrush system created by EBA.

Epic DAB Airbrush Set

Epic DAB Airbrush is a bottom fee, high-paint flow, high-detail double action, internal mix airbrush. It is equipped with an exclusive trigger mechanism consisting of one piece only. No more hinges, loose parts or extra time spent assembling and disassembling the trigger mechanism.

Epic DAT Airbrush Gun

Epic DAT Airbrush gun is a top feed, high paint flow, high detail dual action, internal mix airbrush. It is equipped with an exclusive trigger mechanism consisting of one piece.

AirPod Pro (Single)

A reusable and disposable single action, top-feed, patented airbrush cartridge that gives artists the power to mix and customize makeup without the need to break down and clean an airbrush gun ever again. Includes Airpod Pro Brush, a slim brush designed specifically for the use of cleaning as well as custom mixing colors in the Airpod Pro. *Please Note when adding airbrush colors use a 2:1 ratio (2 drops of foundation to 1 drop of mixing liquid) this prevents foundation from clogging the AirPod*

Temptu Air

TEMPTU Air is the first cordless airbrush makeup device for instant, effortless skin perfection. Our patented technology delivers less makeup and more complete coverage than makeup brush application. Airpods sold separately.

Manifold Hose

Manifold Hose is a 3ft hose with a 1/8" to 1/8" Female Fittings for the compressor and airbrush gun.

Three Valve Manifold

The 3 Valve Manifold is made of light weight black anodized aluminum. It comes with three 1/8 Inch Male and one 1/8 inch Female Fittings for the connection to the compressor and hoses.

6ft Manifold Braided Hose

6 foot braided air hose to connect airbrush gun and compressor. 1/8"-1/4" Female Fittings (Standard Size)

Stainless Steel Bowl

Stainless steel mixing bowl is great to use for combining airbrush paints, body paint colors, and so on. Easy to clean and reusable. Available in 1oz cup size.

Temptu Airbrush Cleaning Kit

TEMPTU PRO Airbrush Cleaning Kit. A perfect mini brush set for easy airbrush cleaning.

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