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Temptu Airbrush Cleaning Kit

TEMPTU PRO Airbrush Cleaning Kit. A perfect mini brush set for easy airbrush cleaning.

S/B Airbrush Cleaner

$9.50 to $32.00
TEMPTU PRO S/B Airbrush Cleaner is the Pro's choice for cleaning your airbrush when working with S/B products. Makes clean-up effortless.

AirPod Pro (Single)

A reusable and disposable single action, top-feed, patented airbrush cartridge that gives artists the power to mix and customize makeup without the need to break down and clean an airbrush gun ever again. Includes Airpod Pro Brush, a slim brush designed specifically for the use of cleaning as well as custom mixing colors in the Airpod Pro. *Please Note when adding airbrush colors use a 2:1 ratio (2 drops of foundation to 1 drop of mixing liquid) this prevents foundation from clogging the AirPod*

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