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Fuel - Alcohol Palette Activator

$8.00 to $17.00
EBA’s Fuel-Activator effectively activates Encore palettes while containing a reduced amount of alcohol content when compared to standard activators. Its unique formula incorporates alcohol-free ingredients allowing for makeup application in more skin sensitive areas.


$76.00 to $137.00
A strong silicone based adhesive to use for Plastic or Latex Bald Cap applications. Also can be used to adhere Foam Latex and regular latex prosthetics. It's water and perspiration resistant, pressure sensitive , has a strong bond and safe for the skin.

SB Thinner

Silicone Adhesive Thinner is used to thin Silabond adhesive at 10:1 ratio (Silabond:Thinner) or as desired. Adding SB Thinner to Silabond will reduce drying time.

Vapore Remover

$9.00 to $15.00
Vapore is an effective alcohol based makeup remover, which leaves skin moisturized with jojoba, macadamia and aloe oil extracts. Vapore cleans virtually any cosmetic grade makeup and removes standard medical grade adhesives used for prosthetic applications.

SKT-7 Remover

$12.00 to $12.50
SKT-7 is an alcohol free makeup cleaner. Made with moisturizing ingredients, such as Aloe oil extract and macadamia oil. Works great to remove Endura makeup and can be used regularly.

Transluz (Thinner)

$19.50 to $52.00
Adding Transluz to Endura makeup creates washed and translucent effects.


Unveil is an alcohol free makeup cleaner made with moisturizers. Unveil effectively removes virtually any type of makeup including Endura, Vibe and Encore; while it moisturizes the skin. Unveil is solvent free, making it an ideal makeup remover for the face, eyes and any sensitive skin areas. Unveil can be used regularly making it extremely valuable when used in conjunction with makeup applications.

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