Abbey Normal- Foam Prosthetic

Cinema Secrets

Woochie prosthetics has been the go to product for make up artists beginning a career in special effects for the last 25 years. With the perfect combination of detail and cost effectiveness, the signature latex and foam pieces have allowed young artists the quality and affordability to impress on TV and movie sets around the world.

Foam latex masks and appliances provide the perfect combination of comfort and realism. Each mask is hand-crafted in the USA from a porous material that allows your skin to breath. Originally created for use on Hollywood movie sets as one-time use item.

Foam latex appliances are unpainted to enable you to customise each piece to your own design.

Apply the prosthetic using spirit gum OR, for a longer lasting result we recommend using a prosthetic adhesive such as Pros-Aide!   If you choose to use a stronger appliance adhesive please remember that Prosthetic adhesives do require removers!

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