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Kryolan RMGP Palette

The 24 Color Rubber Mask Grease Paint (RMGP) Palette comes in KRYOLAN’s traditional palette case and contains KRYOLAN’s top quality RMGP make-up. These traditional palette cases, made of thin metal, are popular among professionals because they are highly resistant to breaking, practical to use, and easy to refill. (80 ml 2.8 oz)

Kryolan TRI Color Metallic Wheel

Supracolor Metallic is a cream make-up with pure metallic pigments for glamorous effects.

Kryolan UV Creme Wheel

Cream Color Circle UV is a combination of six different UV colors based on grease paint. These grease paints are specially color intensive and glow already under normal light conditions.

UV Cream Luminous

The UV Luminous Cream will glow under a strong black light. When applied it is translucent on the skin. Non-toxic. Wash with soap and water. Available in White & Green

Phosphorescent Cream

Phosphorescent Cream is a glow in the dark crème makeup. Apply using a synthetic brush to create your design. To activate stand in a well lighted area for a few minutes. Washes off with soap and water. Keep away from the eye area.

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