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Endura Face Off Sets 6 Pack

$115.00 to $175.00
Endura Face Off Airbrush Paint Sets are made with FDA approved colors, has great coverage, longevity, perfect for direct skin contact and safe for prosthetic applications.

Endura Face Off Skintone Edition Paint

$19.35 to $23.00
The European Body Art alcohol-based Endura Face off Airbrush Skin Tones consists of colors, ranging from cool to warm shades and adjusters. Easily blend-able to help achieve the desired skin tone.

Fuel - Alcohol Palette Activator

$8.00 to $17.00
EBA’s Fuel-Activator effectively activates Encore palettes while containing a reduced amount of alcohol content when compared to standard activators. Its unique formula incorporates alcohol-free ingredients allowing for makeup application in more skin sensitive areas.

Endura Face Off Set 10 Pack

$189.00 to $289.00
Endura Face Off Airbrush Paint Sets are made with FDA approved colors, has great coverage, longevity, perfect for direct skin contact and safe for prosthetic applications.

Endura Skin Wars Iridescent 6 Pack

$95.00 to $140.00
Endura Iridescent makeup implements an HD illuminating pigment technology that delivers previously unseen elegance to the world of beauty, special effects and body painting makeup.

Endura Face Off SFX Edition Paint

$20.00 to $99.00
The EBA Endura Face Off SFX Edition was inspired by the show Face Off on the Syfy channel. Selected Face Off artist assisted in creating and developing certain shades making this collection a truly unique piece of art.

Endura Face Off Undead Edition Paint

$23.00 to $58.00
The Endura Face Off Undead edition is an alcohol based cosmetic grade paint that can be applied by an airbrush or by hand. The Endura makeup provides an exceptional wear ability, high-pigmented and water resistant finish.


$19.50 to $52.00
ProEndura is a great addition to the Endura line. Invented by EBA, ProEndura is a clear coat used with airbrush temporary tattoo paints. It was designed to extend the longevity of the Endura paints.

Endura Metallic Paint

European Body Art’s alcohol-based Endura Airbrush Ink provides the best coverage and longevity in the industry. Made with FDA approved colors, Endura is perfect for direct skin contact and even prosthetic applications.

Endura Electric Fluorescent Paint

$20.00 to $54.00
EBA Fluorescent colors are made using ONLY FDA approved fluorescent pigments. Although EBA fluorescent colors provide opaque coverage it is recommended to use white as a first layer to enhance the color and brightness.

Vapore Remover

$9.00 to $15.00
Vapore is an effective alcohol based makeup remover, which leaves skin moisturized with jojoba, macadamia and aloe oil extracts. Vapore cleans virtually any cosmetic grade makeup and removes standard medical grade adhesives used for prosthetic applications.

SKT-7 Remover

$8.50 to $12.50
SKT-7 is an alcohol free makeup cleaner. Made with moisturizing ingredients, such as Aloe oil extract and macadamia oil. Works great to remove Endura makeup and can be used regularly.

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