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Studio F/X proudly serves western Canada’s film, television, and theatre industries with makeup supplies, special makeup effects, and theatrical brushes. We pride ourselves in customer service, and have only accredited special effects artists on staff.

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M.Y.O. Cosmetic Clutch PRO KIT

MAKEUP·YOUR·OWN M·Y·O Cosmetic Clutch-PRO Kit offers the versatility to hold cosmetics including pan,liquid,powder,creams, liners and more... Plus makeup accessories. Our Sturdy case and secure latch protects your makeup in the ultimate minimalist approach to modern makeup and transport. Made with Hypoallergenic, medical grade and recycled materials.

Temptress ChestNut

Temptress Chestnut contact lenses from Primal. Gives the wearer a more natural look, giving the option to enhance their own color, or try out a completely different look! Lenses will last up to 3 months with proper care. NON PRESCRIPTION


ACID III contact lenses from PRIMAL These contacts feature a black circle to imitate a dilated pupil, with a BLUE outer circle. Great for any wide-eyed look, inspired by "anime" style eyes. Diameter of 15.2 and a base curve of 9.2 Lenses last up to 3 months!